Closing Time

Hourglass sands time

One of the best things about my blog refresh is that even now, coming up to the second anniversary, I am still finding favorite songs I haven’t shared again. “Closing Time” by Leonard Cohen is one of those songs, and it’s perfect for Jim’s 200th Thursday Inspiration prompt.

“Closing Time” is the fourth track from Cohen’s 1992 album The Future. It wasn’t a single, so there’s no chart info for it, but the album went double platinum in Canada, gold in Sweden, and silver in the UK. Three songs were used in the movie Natural Born Killers (I haven’t seen that film), and several were covered by other artists.

Trivia: When I Wiki’d this album, I learned that Cohen had a romantic relationship with Rebecca de Mornay.

And I loved you when our love was blessed
And I love you now there’s nothing left
But sorrow and a sense of overtime
And I missed you since the place got wrecked
And I just don’t care what happens next
Looks like freedom but it feels like death
It’s something in between, I guess
It’s Closing Time

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7 responses to “Closing Time

  1. One of the biggest if not THE biggest name in music here in Canada. Love all his music and the cool vibes in his thoughtful songs. Some of his poems are required readings in schools up here too. Nice song selection for today Paula. Thank you! Cheers.

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  2. Beautiful song, Paula. Cohen met Janis Joplin in an elevator when the sluggish pace bought him enough time to strike up a conversation and he asked her if she was looking for someone. She said that she was looking for Kris Kristofferson and Cohen replied that was him and even though she knew he was lying they spent the night together.

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  3. Thanks for this amazing this. We have singers and songwriters here in Canada. Anita

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  4. Such an amazing crooner.

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