TMP99: Lemonades

TMP monday peeve kitty cat

Welcome to my refreshed Monday Peeve! Unburden yourself of an annoyance and you’ll feel better afterward. Or not. Complain in my comments or crab in your own post. Doesn’t have to be on a Monday. You do you.

OMG, Girl Scout lemonade cookies are too danged delicious! I have to stop myself from nomming up the whole box at once. Why can’t celery taste this good? Grrrr! Annoying.

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29 responses to “TMP99: Lemonades

  1. Ahahaha…Why can’t celery taste this good indeed πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

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  2. Why is finding jars of chutney now difficult? The pandemic supply chain woes are behind us, but try to find some chutney at Kroger or Walmart and it isn’t there. That’s my peeve, thanks for asking.

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  3. Hide the box 😹

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  4. I love how it’s Girl Scout cookie season and Purim junk food right before Passover. Like you want to eat healthy but there’s a limited window to get rid of this stuff. Oh, and of course you stocked up on half-priced chocolate on Feb 15 so you have that too.

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  8. Excuse me… Girl Scout Lemonade cookies? I’m all ears….

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  9. Celery and peanut butter are not too bad πŸ™‚
    My peeve is that where I live the cafes shut their kitchens at around 1.30 – 2.00 p.m. that’s one issue which I kind of understand why. But when they say 1.30 but tell you at 1.00 that they’ve already closed the kitchen (you can have the banana bread but we can’t toast it – grrrr) it boggles my mind. When I asked why, the Gen Z crew said they’d had a busy morning and needed a rest. My brain melted.

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  10. That’s how I feel about mint thins!!!! I will run someone over to get to my cookie dealer. LOL

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  12. What’s really annoying is that Girl Scout cookies don’t exist in Norway. ☹️

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  13. Yum, those Girl Scout lemonade cookies sound amazing!

    ~ Vika

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