Miranda Goes to the Mall: A Six Sentence Story

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[Character recap: Miranda is dating Chad, an artist who still lives with his cage-fighter wife; Dulcie, Miranda’s best friend, broke up with Spencer when he had to leave the country for work; Odwin (Oddy) has traveled to Earth from another planet in search of his father.]

“I just bought a mountain of lovely silk lingerie to take my mind off the fact that Chad refuses to leave his wife,” Miranda announced to her bestie Dulcie as they met up at the mall.

“I had a rude awakening earlier when I was taking photos of a cute pigeon outside the art museum,” Dulcie confided. “I saw Spencer having coffee with a gorgeous blonde, so apparently he is not collecting bear poop in the Arctic like he told us.”

“Geez, sometimes I wish we could meet men from another planet since human ones are entirely too dishonest and unreliable to deal with,” Miranda fumed.

“Excuse me, lovely ladies,” a stranger said behind them. “But I was wondering if you could help me get an appointment to speak with Tom Cruise.”

©️2023 Paula Light and Light Motifs II. No unauthorized use permitted.

23 responses to “Miranda Goes to the Mall: A Six Sentence Story

  1. Happens to me in the mall all the time

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  2. Haha! Good one.

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  3. Nice excuse for what Spencer was doing: “collecting bear poop in the Arctic”.

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  4. Looks like Miranda will get her wish!

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  5. Fun story, Paula… a chance meeting to change future’s course, perhaps? 🙂

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  6. Well now, that’s a story that’s off & running! Can’t wait to see what happens next!

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  7. Oddy that sly dawg… 🙂

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