A Badge and an Apology

April Gone Rogue Badge

OK, so I promised Barbara in the comments to my A to Z post that I would make a badge for those of us who aren’t joining the official April A to Z group, for whatever reason. Each year, I try to join, but something happens and my form disappears into thin air. It’s very strange, but then again I’m not the most tech-adept person. I also know some peeps just prefer to be more casual about the whole thing and don’t want to commit to posting every day. I highly encourage everyone to join the official, main group and sign up on the real list! This is simply for us stragglers… and for fun. Please feel free to use my badge however you wish or not at all.

Also, speaking of not being tech-adept, whenever I download a new app, the first thing I do is disable all sounds, badges, banners, and other annoying alerts. I hate all that stuff. I want to see notifications only in the app, when I open it. So naturally this is what I did when I downloaded Jetpack. Soon I began to wonder why no one was replying to comments I left on their posts. I didn’t care too much because obviously the most important thing is MY posts and the comments that you guys leave for ME ME ME. But the thought kept recurring and then ~ big fat epiphany today ~ I realized I had disabled notifications for replies to comments I make elsewhere.

So please accept my apology for not liking and/or replying lately to comments you have made to my comments on your posts. Got that? I am generally not inclined to get into long convos in comments anyway ~ if I have that much to say, I’ll write a new post ~ but I almost always acknowledge replies to my comments, if I see them. I have fixed my settings now.

I’m not sure why disabling notifications in Jetpack had this effect when my normal practice is to disable all notifications outside an app, which I must have done for the old WP app. Just the good old Happiness Engineers hard at work breaking sh!t again, I guess.

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21 responses to “A Badge and an Apology

  1. Funny, I had decided to create my own badge as an “unofficial” participant:

    But now that I see your much more artistic, colorful badge, mine looks so dull and utilitarian (i.e., boring). So if you don’t mind, I’d love to embrace your badge. Is that okay with you?

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    • Please do! Yours is very on brand though. See, this is why I can’t sell any books. I’m all over the place with cupcakes and cats and different colors… just a big blur of nothing!

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  2. I like your badge Paula.

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  3. I don’t join anything anymore. I post every day regardless, so I don’t need any special joining up stuff.

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  4. I will be using your unofficial badge as long as you don’t mind, Paula.

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  5. Wonderful! I sure do like the badge you made, and will be using it on my posts. Thanks! 🙂

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  10. Good luck with the challenge! Last year the same team organised a Z to A challenge at the end of the year which was more relaxed, I think 2 posts per week. It sounds like something you’d enjoy.

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