pink sky irvine

Pink is on the menu today, so I thought I’d reshare this Irvine sunset pic from a while back. I haven’t seen a sky like this in some time, nor have I seen a spectacular sunset in general. I will be keeping watch.

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25 responses to “Pink

  1. Beautiful! I usually finish work after sunset, so I haven’t really seen one for a while. Sunrises are beautiful, too, and at least I get to see those across the English Channel.

    Just a thought I’d like to share. When people look at the sun set, that event actually happened around 8 minutes ago.

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  2. Lovely! πŸ’–

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  3. Beautiful! 😍

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  4. Soft pink sky! Magical.

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  5. Great pink picture, Paula. I love dawn and dusk and all the colours of beginnings and endings. We do get spectacular sun rises and sun sets here in Scotland and I never tire of watching them.

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  6. That’s a beautiful sky Paula, thanks for participating in my photo challenge!

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