Every Angle [gb4lf]

Woman camera snow

Dulcie sighed with impatience in the stuffy museum as the art appreciation group members looked at each sculpture from every angle, slowly reading the inscriptions and making notes on their phones, and finally she mumbled an excuse to dash outdoors.

Focusing her camera, Dulcie took a deep breath and smiled as she composed her shots of fat pigeons fluffing their feathers in the freshly fallen snow.

In the viewfinder, Dulcie spotted her ex-boyfriend across the street, cozying up to a blonde woman as they waited in line for coffee.

Dulcie turned her back on the romantic scene and headed off alone to brunch and an afternoon of retail therapy.

©️2023 Paula Light and Light Motifs II. No unauthorized use permitted.

Written for Greg’s Four Line Fiction.

22 responses to “Every Angle [gb4lf]

  1. Retail therapy sounds like a great idea, especially if she has her boyfriend’s credit card.

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  2. Retail therapy sounds good, expensive but good!

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  3. Retail therapy – great choice! 👜

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  4. The snapshots of life… 🩷

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  5. Love the idea of retail therapy. Great write, Paula! 💗

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  6. Lovely moment captured here.

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  7. Nothing like an ex to ruin a good pigeon photo. Before she went off to her retail retreat I expected one of the pigeons to drop a bomb on his blondie party.

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