Thursday Thinkies

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Rory @ Earthly Comforts snuck some new questions at the end of his Wild Aloha post yesterday, but I found ‘em, grabbed ‘em, and now I’m gonna answer ‘em. So there!

Should we all live a life that others may not understand because of the uniquity of who we are or should we all conform to the norm?

Well, that depends on exactly what “norm” we’re taking about. If you want to drop out of college and go live alone in the woods, OK. If you want to give up a high paying job to paint rocks, sure, fine, as long as you don’t have children to support. If you want to stay single and avoid dating when everyone is urging you to “try again,” you should be allowed to do that too and be left in peace.

But if you want to engage in any criminal activity, that’s a big no from me, whatever your “feelings” are about laws, politics, government, whatever, and how you, as a unique snowflake, should be exempt.

Thumbs down

What do you think are the five main components to living a healthy happy life?

For me personally they are: money (basics plus extras), family (good relationships), friends (ditto), creative activities, and a safe environment.

What do you think is the best colour to paint your main living space and why that colour? What benefits does it award you?

I like mostly neutral colors in the main area and a more creative aura in my bedroom with jungle colors like gold and green. Soon I’ll put some of my silly paintings up in my room!

Paint selfie cactus sunset

What do you consider absolutely pointless in life?

Watching sports, though sometimes I do it to be sociable.

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21 responses to “Thursday Thinkies

  1. I agree, I never liked sports, although like you sometimes I’ll watch them just to be social. X

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    • I don’t understand the fascination…

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      • I think in my era, at least, boys were conditioned to have pleasant associations with fun sports at school. It’s probably that simple. I never go out of my way to watch sports but if I get trapped in front of a TV, I’ll watch a game with others, and I’m usually able to get into it. Of course, not golf, or curling, or tennis, or basketball. I did watch a soccer game or two lately and it’s actually fun to watch when you start figuring out the rules.
        I saw a TV show about some kind of poker competition. Wa-aaaay more boring than golf. Totally missed the point on that one. Right there with cooking competitions.

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      • Yeah, cooking competitions bore me too, though I could watch poker lol

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      • I guess it comes down to each their own. Good thing there are, like, 400 channels to choose from. So that we can pick 4 of them.

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  2. Again, apartment, so I don’t think I could change the wall color. I wish I could. The floor is fake wood, colored gray, and the walls are a light gray. Nothing goes with this except white, or blue maybe, or more gray. Ugly. All our furniture is natural wood and warm colors, and looks weird in here.

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  3. Love your paintings Paula.

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  4. I love that last answer gave me a chuckle this morning😂

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  5. how do you define criminal?

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  6. Do people do that? Go paint rocks? Is that a thing, a trend, rock painting? I was intrigued by that answer … and took to looking and yep, it’s a thang! More so is the paint your rocks and leave them in funny places is a much loved activity apparently. Curiouser and curiouser said Alice!

    Kudos to you for watching sports to be social … not me, couldn’t do it, think l would look at ways of hanging myself with cushions 🙂

    Good answers Paula 🙂

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  7. That’s a sizzling painting

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