January 2023 Stats

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My stats zoomed up last month, though my posting style and quantity stayed about the same. Maybe peeps decided to dedicate themselves to blogging as a New Year’s resolution? Who knows.

In December, I had 6,723 views, and in January I had 7,895, a 17% increase. As of 12/31/22, I had 610 peeps following me, and as of 1/31/23 there were 664, which is a 9% increase (remember, I delete followers if they don’t seem like “real bloggers”). My follower count peaked in 2021 before I did my blog refresh and purge of fake and nonexistent followers… and I’ll get back there eventually, maybe.

My most popular post in January was New Dawnings with 156 views, followed by California Rain with 135. By far, most people viewed my blog via the WP reader.

I sold one book in January, which seems to be my new pattern, and all I have to say to that is one is better than none. Yayyy book buyers! I appreciate you.

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16 responses to “January 2023 Stats

  1. I keep getting people to hit the like button on my posts, but they seem to be very fast readers, as they will like 10 of my posts in under a minute. I imagine that they just enjoy seeing their gravatar show up at the bottom of my posts.

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  2. As previously noted, my blog traffic averages out to roughly “zero” in a given month, so I was considerably surprised that on an otherwise unremarkable day in January the Germans and Canadians hit my blog just under 300 times in less than an hour, which made my January stats look pretty freakin’ good (in comparison to the sporadic background noise of about five people and accidental vists I normally register). I don’t bother with collecting IP addresses, Google analytics, and all that noise — in fact I wouldn’t check at all if it wasn’t a low-resolution built-in to Blogger which your post reminded me to check.

    This welcome rush of visits could be:

    (1) Someone using a VPN trying to get into my account for who TF knows what purpose, probably involving a spambot; or,

    (2) Someone using bots in Germany and Canada in a half-assed attempt to DDOS me, doomed to fail due to my lack of active traffic in the first place; or,

    (3) My German and Canadian fans had a once-yearly watch party waiting for me to get off my ass and post something.

    I’m gonna to with (3) here.

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    • Everywhere I go I hear people saying when is Dusty going to post again, he never posts enough, we can’t wait for the next one, etc. I believe the ET project has picked up some interstellar traffic about same!

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  3. “Everywhere I go I hear people saying when is Dusty going to post again….”

    Heh — with all the love and respect in the world, your circle must be pretty small. If anyone’s reading my blog, I hadn’t noticed it. Not complaining, mind you. To be honest, the biggest reason I continue to post in in at all is that it amuses me…but I appreciate the kind thoughts…. 🙂

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  4. I think I hit the coveted “double digit” stats in January!!

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  5. OK. I posted something. Let my hundreds of fans know….hah!

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  6. I sold one book in January and got a 1 cent deposit from Amazon. I wrote the book 14 years ago and every once in a while, someone reads it. Every time I get one of those tiny little checks, I’m amazed.

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  7. The stats look great!!!

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  8. They look really good!

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