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Di @ Pensitivity101 has a new set of Share Your World questions for us, relevant to the hearts and flowers celebration coming up in a couple of weeks.

1. Do you consider yourself to be romantic?

This is a tough question for me ~ the answer is yes, but… I do not like “forced” romance, such as a man being unromantic generally and then shoving a box of candy at me on February 14. That’s not romantic! In fact, token gestures like this only serve to remind me that we aren’t a good match.

In my (totally unrealistic) ideal, romance would be an ongoing state of mind, with lots of affection, kindness, sweet talk/texts, cute poetry/lyrics/links, thoughtful acts, etc., all happening on a daily or at least weekly basis. I’m totally responsive to this kind of behavior and return it in kind, though I’ve never experienced it for long. Maybe it’s not sustainable… I don’t know.

Anyway, in that scenario, Valentines would be part of the whole package, not something to do once a year because the marketers got to you.

2. Do you send cards on Valentine’s Day?

I used to give cute cards and gifts to my daughters, but that’s pretty much faded away. I don’t randomly give out Valentine cards to friends or others.

3. Would you spend a considerable amount of money on a single red rose for your beloved?

If I knew he would appreciate that, sure.

4. What is your idea of a romantic evening?

The traditional dinner at a nice restaurant, including lovely conversation, followed by the clichéd moonlit walk works for me. Or it can simply be sharing a bottle of wine at sunset in a peaceful environment. Mainly it involves being alone together and focusing on each other, not the news or work or other people/problems.

5. Gratitude: I’m thankful I survived the dating/relationship wars with only minimal PTSD.

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20 responses to “Romantic Share [syw]

  1. Your romantic evening sounds good.

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  2. Thanks for joining in Paula

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  3. I agree! I want affection year round. You can keep those cheap chocolates.

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  4. It’s all about the connection, not the date on a calendar.

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  5. I like your answers. Rooster and I don’t make a big day about Valentine’s Day, and I don’t feel like I miss out on anything. The best romantic note he ever gave me was a work order form from a place where he worked, he filled in all the right boxes with the right words for the work order he worked up for me.

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  6. Romance as you describe is out there. However, the tales I have heard from various random wimmins tell me that by and large, men are dicks. Us I mean those top quality ones can be a challenge to find.

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  7. Hahah to the reply about having minimal PTSD after the dating phase
    – it sure can be a drain

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  8. oh that.. lol. yes, it’s that time again. 😆💞

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  9. My first husband didn’t have a romantic bone in his body; I felt ignored. My second (and present) goes too heavy on the romance. It can be suffocating. Like in most things, romance is best in moderation.

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  10. I don’t think you’re expecting too much from a relationship. To be romantic means that you regularly express in words and actions how you feel. It is lovely to do something special on Valentine’s day but it does not fix what is missing from day to day.

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