Sunday Dawdles

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Rory @ Earthly Comforts has a fresh set of Morning Dawdler questions for us today.

Should we fear the arrival of more progressive AI [Artificial Intelligence] or embrace it?

I don’t know. Everyone has a strong opinion on this, but who knows what will happen in reality, as opposed to sci-fi? No one. I choose to wait and see how it goes. So far, it doesn’t seem to be too threatening, only amusing, but it’s too early to predict. One thing I might be inclined to worry about is financial fraud. If AI can imitate a voice, a face, and guess all our passwords, then that could be a disaster for everyone, much worse than what we are already dealing with in this area.

How much time do you spend sitting each day?

Most of my waking hours are spent sitting. I suffer with chronic pain and do not exercise much at all. I understand that “they” say I would feel better if I moved around more, but every time I try it, I feel worse.

What is your proudest accomplishment?
[Having Children not included]

I am proud of my recovery from financial and emotional setbacks later in life. Neither recovery was easy to achieve, but I worked hard at both, with my main motivation to avoid being a burden to my daughters (who are both lovely people and I take pride in that too).

Are/Were you the youngest, middle, oldest or only child?

I am the only child of my parents; however, I learned at age 25 that my mother had another daughter 10 years before me, in Ohio, when she was 20 and unmarried. That baby was given up for adoption, and I tried to find her on Ancestry, but so far there has been no response.

I am sad to think I will never meet her or get to talk to her. It would be nice to know what she looks like and if she has any children.

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17 responses to “Sunday Dawdles

  1. I guess your mom bever tried to keep in touch with your half-sister..

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  2. Paula, I hope you get a chance to meet your long lost sister. It had to be a shock to the system to find out she existed after being an only child for 25 years. How did you find out, if you don’t mind my asking? If you don’t want to say, that’s ok also.

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    • She contacted my mom for medical records, my mom got all upset, and then she told me. I don’t know when my dad learned about her. Anyway, my mom had her doc send the requested records and never responded personally. It all makes me so sad, but the pregnancy was traumatic for my mother, so I try not to judge…

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  3. Oh wow I hope you find her! That will be exciting.

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  4. Good answers Paula and a great achievement to raise yourself from the ashes as you did, l know how hard that can be all too well – so kudos to you.

    It’s a very vaid point about the AI’s ability to potentially in the future commit a fraud.

    Good luck with the tracing of your sister, that can be very hard from the scratch.

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  5. Aww that is sad about your sister, and not being able to find her, I hope you will some day. Xoxo

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  6. Your achievements are very impressive Paula.

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  7. I have a half-sister that I’ve tried to find also. After Ancestry, I used one of those people find services on the internet. They came up with a possible hit, and I was able to email her through them, but she didn’t respond. I figured she didn’t want to be found, so let it drop.

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