Sunday Morning Dawdles

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Rory @ Earthly Comforts continues his Morning Dawdle series with the following set of questions.

What is the best way to cook an egg, and what is your favourite egg dish?

Yum eggs! They’re worth their weight in gold now, but I still buy them. I often make two poached eggs to have with toast. This is a great way to cook eggs without adding extra fat, and I leave the yolks a bit runny to dip my toast into. Sometimes though I make scrambled eggs, to which I may or may not add a bit of cheese. Recently, I impulsively tossed in lox and cream cheese, which was decadently delicious. Occasionally, I’ll do an omelette, but those can annoy me if they fail to flip out perfectly.

What makes for a good listener, and are you one, or do you only hear people as noise?

I’ve never been an audio learner, which is why in school I took more written notes than everyone else (and it paid off). Nowadays, my hearing sucks due to tinnitus, so at work I write everything down that people tell me to make sure I don’t miss anything. It helps me to stay focused on the moment and keeps my thoughts from spinning around.

When I feel a strong emotional connection, my listening improves, so I’m pretty good at family chat. As far as friends, I would say I’m mediocre. They have a lot to say all the time, and I can’t take in all the details and retain them. If someone has a specific problem, I can stay focused on that and try to help, but the regular chitchat just kinda drifts on by.

Short answer: no.

Headphones listen music

How well can you control your emotions, and is it hard to keep them in check with moments and times when you feel passionate or angry with others or situations?

I don’t feel it’s important to constantly hide my emotions. Why is this a desirable trait? Personally, I’d rather know if someone is sad, angry, bored, etc., so I can adjust my behavior accordingly. I can’t stand the attitude of pretending to be so cool you don’t care about anything. That’s a form of lying and it irritates me. Of course, there are those men people who don’t actually care about anything or anyone…

I can, of course, control my emotions if I have to, like in traffic (GRRRR), but I’m not opposed to letting others understand my true feelings in most cases. For example, at game night, sometimes a couple people will get so involved in a boring conversation that we’ll all be sitting there for a long time not playing anything. I am usually the one to butt in and blurt out WHEN ARE WE GONNA START A GAME??? So we do, and everyone is then all happy I spoke up. Yay me!

Is it necessary for you to be remembered by others for your contribution to life?

What contribution? LOL

Yes, I need to be remembered for my angsty poetry and my anti-dating rants. These must be preserved for future generations.

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19 responses to “Sunday Morning Dawdles

  1. Very honest answers Paula.

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  2. LOL, annoy you if they fail to flip perfectly

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  3. Great answers

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  4. Hahahaha some great answers laden with humour l have come to expect Paula, nicely done 🙂

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  5. Nice answers Paula! I enjoyed them! 🙂

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  6. Loved your answers… They are SO you! You and my mother would get along famously. Beautiful people you are.
    Be careful about assuming that people who don’t outwardly react don’t ‘care’. I’m one of them and I can assure you that I do care. ❤

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    • Thank you Susan 💜

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    • There’s someone I love very much who doesn’t often display her emotions in an obvious way. I get that. I was hinting at those men I’ve dated or been in relationships with who fake caring when in fact they are just manipulative and don’t care at all… 😞

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      • I realize that. Lots of scammers exist. I get uncomfortable with myself when I assume the role of a mind-reader. It’s something we humans inevitably do. You know? It is something that we who differ on our ‘political’ viewpoints tend to do way too often. Having you as a friend has been so good for ME. You are not any stereotype… you’re you. It has made me more tolerant and measured in all things. Thank-you for that. ❤

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      • Same here. I really mean that. I avoided you for a while because of such bad experiences with loudmouths online, but you’re not like that at all and I appreciate it. Thanks for seeing past my “liberal” side to find a unique individual. Not everyone can do that!

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  7. Good answers on all. The only ones I’d expand on in my case would be

    (a) I don’t much hide emotion as much as am incapable of expressing it (combination of lifestyle, training, and inherent capacity); and,

    (b) I can’t imagine a more pointless goal than attempting to leave a “legacy” or some such.

    As I said over on Don’s blog not long ago, the entirety of human history will literally disappear as an undetectable flash in deep time. The idea of making a mark on that is beyond hubris.

    Steve Jobs famously said he wanted to “put a dent” on the universe.

    He didn’t.

    He’s better known than I ever will be on this invisible little dust mote, no doubt. But even here, in a couple of thousand years or less, (no time at all really), we’ll be as completely indistinguishable as the unremembered big-deal luminary whose unidentified marble sculpture is rotting in Greece’s pollution and the slave who scraped his offal pit.

    Remembered? Pfft. I don’t think so. I’ll call it a win if I’m doing something I think is worthwhile when I finally go tits-up.

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