Bramble in Six

pink roses

Some days, it’s hard to maintain optimism about blogging when you discover that half your new followers are garbage marketers, non-English writers, or don’t exist at all. I remember when we discovered that jerk who copied and pasted our content into posts on his own site without linking back to credit the author (even when they do link back, it’s annoying if they don’t add any commentary), and I felt very discouraged about my blogging future while this was happening (his site was taken down, so yay for justice).

It seems like once a problem is fixed here in Blogland, ten more pop up, like some kind of Phantom Tollbooth nightmare, and it gets old to have to constantly deal with blog admin crap when all I want to do is write. I’m not the type of person who can let glitches go and simply shrug when my content is stolen or my site looks screwed up in some way—I have to deal with this sh!t before I can be in the right frame of mind to get creative.

Oh well, I’m just sulking in the brambles right now because I know that nothing is perfect, and even when it is some coder will screw it up because why not constantly tinker with stuff that works properly? I still consider blogging to be more roses than thorns, so I’m not going anywhere—in fact, I am paying to renew my WP plan this week.

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Written for Denise’s Six Sentence Story (paste). Link up on Wednesday.

27 responses to “Bramble in Six

  1. A shame about the infiltrators you had to deal with in Blogosphere.
    Glad you decided to stay and maintain your site.
    An excellent post on remaining optimistic 🙂 amid the aggravations.

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  2. I’m glad you aren’t going anywhere.

    Bloggers who don’t really exist sounds like a ghost story: “… and then she realised the comment was posted two days after he died!

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  3. I’ve said it before and it was appropriate then, and I’ll say it again: meh.

    The men on Instagram piss me off too. I block them so fast it makes my head spin and half the time don’t know why I’m still on that app… I know you’re not on there, I’m just saying. Meh.

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  4. The constant tinkering with stuff that didn’t need to be fixed was the third thing on the list of stuff I hated about my job. It always seemed to happen without warning when we had to deal with an avalanche of students.

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  5. i’m just glad to known you are staying and get to read more of your stuff.

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  6. When did ‘If it ain’t broke, break it’ take over from the more logical ‘If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it’?

    It seems nowadays everyone wants to break it so they can tell everyone how they fixed it on their resume. Instead of being awestruck at how sexy the accomplishment looks on the resume, maybe the reader should stop for a second and find out if those changes actually worked. All too often the person who leaves the path of destruction moves on up the ladder while everyone left behind picks up the pieces.

    …and I do hope you were ok with me adding a link to your Bunny post on my weekly roundup. If not let me know and I will remove it.

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  7. IKR? It’s like some folks stop by & like and then their sites are gone…are they looking for free advertising? Is it a Spam that blockers can’t easily catch?
    But as you say, more roses than thorns. I just periodically go through my Followers list & delete the ones gone dark/inactive. Lessens my Followers count, but feels more honest…

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  8. Better than me, everything you mentioned is pretty much why I am leaving

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  9. Nothing like tinkering with stuff till it breaks. I also think blogging is more roses than thorns.

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  10. They do love to “improve” things into uselessness, don’t they.

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  11. Agree, WP has many faults but we often come back because at its core is an excellent blog community. If WP invested as much time in deleting spam/inactive and bot accounts as they did with constantly changing the platform, it would be a much better place. I remember a while back there was an influx of new sites each selling vitamins – different accounts but the same brand. Ridiculous.

    What Paula H said: “I just periodically go through my Followers list & delete the ones gone dark/inactive. Lessens my Followers count, but feels more honest…”

    Agree, worth the chore to feel at least a little bit ‘germ-free’.

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  13. Nice six! I do hate when “they” change things on Blogger and make it more difficult rather than less to use.

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