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Happy Friday the 13th! Yep, I am “going there” by talking about the spare heir’s nonstop news coverage. First, it is not Harry’s fault that for some bizarre reason American media must report on his every utterance the same way a few weeks back they hyperventilated over each tweet Elon sent. The one (only?) nice thing about Harry’s book is that for several days now we haven’t heard much about the Musky one.

Second, and this may offend some British subjects, I don’t think of the Royals as anything other than nepo babies. To me, the kerfuffles the Royals get into mirror the Kar-Jenners and other celebs having feuds and whatnot, some faked for attention, others real, and why should I care about these people and their problems when they all have So Much Money?

Granted, I do enjoy fairytales as much as the next romance novel reader, so I like photos from weddings and other glamorous events these peeps get up to, but as far as their issues with each other, meh. I feel the same way about the Oscars slap and the periodic catfights between Britney Spears and her sister Jamie Lynn: there’s nothing I need to care about there.

Third, I really don’t understand the insane amount of Spare sales ~ over a million on the first day of release! Who the hell is buying this thing? I mean, hasn’t the media already treated us to the juicy bits? So now people are gonna spend their free time reading those over again and the boring parts too. I just can’t even with that. Sure, it’s great that people are reading. Yay books! But wtf…

I guess that’s all I have to say about it (for now). It’s mostly a criticism of the media ~ of course people have the right to tell their own stories their own way, blah blah blah. I just wish the news coverage was more relevant to me and my taste. No matter how I tweak my newsreaders, I still see crap I don’t want to. Yes, I do see lots of animal stories too and thank goodness for that!

Anyway. I’m visiting one of my daughters this weekend and very much looking forward to it. Hope it isn’t raining too heavily while I drive. I would take the train, except apparently the tracks are about to crumble into the ocean, which doesn’t sound fun at all. What are you all up to? Jabber away and link back to me!

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  1. I am a monarchist, albeit a fairly grudging kind. It’s archaic and silly in many ways, but I think having a figurehead who has a charisma and trappings of power without any actual executive power stops us from getting a demagogue prime minister (even the most presidential prime ministers of my lifetime, Mrs Thatcher and Tony Blair, were not treated like the US presidents by the media, and were mocked for their pretensions e.g. the media referring to Blair’s plane as Blair Force One). But I think the royal family should be limited to the monarch and immediate heirs, and not distant family, and I don’t understand why the media is so interested in them, particularly in the US, where it boggles my mind! Harry in particular seems to come up with new things he hates about his family every six months and I’m fed up with this. It seems petty of him, but also exploitative of the media who are taking advantage of someone with “issues” to sell papers or get site hits. Ironically one of his biggest gripes is the way the media exploited his mother and her “issues” in the same way which makes the whole thing seem like it’s becoming multi-generational.

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  2. I recently watched “The Crown,” under duress, and found it interesting at first–everything I know about the monarchy is what it showed me–and then the show evolved into some kind of thinly stretched soap opera. Then I learned it wasn’t considered to be historically accurate. So, mmph. But now that I understand the family tree, so to speak, there is some interest in his story. My take-away of this entire viewing adventure, is that the monarchy is overblown. Maybe it should exist in some fashion, but it’s become obscenely encompassing. Poor royals–their lives are, by some definition, perverted. The institution has hung on way too long to “make sense,” maybe a bit like the Catholic church. So, I guess I’m on Harry’s side. And the book is probably just a revenue opportunity.

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    • It’s selling like hotcakes or the British equivalent! Wait, those are British ~ we have pancakes. Yes, they are cashing in on his royal connections while at the same time saying how awful it all is. Same celeb bs we see from the movie stars needing to “get away from it all” to their deluxe spreads in Wyoming… and posing for pics there!

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  3. Thanks Paula. I thought I was the only one who doesn’t give a hoot about the Royals nor the Kar-Jenners.

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  4. I have no skin in this game, and to me, that’s what it is. To me, it’s nothing more that a real-life soap opera, a Downton Abbey at an extreme. Interesting, I guess, but who cares? I’m more focused on the American political soap opera that is literally destroying our country.

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  5. Is it true that in the current World Encyclopedia if you look up the word “parasite” it’s illustrated with a variety of pictures of hookworms, tapeworms, certain fungi, and the entire Royal Family since about 1850?

    This whiny-assed millennial near-boy is the final pure lump in the distilling process of centuries of an entire family whose sole function is to con an empire into making them probably literally richer than God for zero value in return.

    He has essentially unlimited resources, is married to a (kind of a bitch but still) model and TV star. He comes and goes to suit himself. But he’s got his nose out of joint and his li’l feelers are all mashed up, so he now makes a living out of public-therapy sessions, sobbing, whining, and spreading his cheeks to show everyone his butt-hurt bruises and his mommy issues.

    He is, in short, the perfect model of the modern male, which I can only presume accounts for his book sales.

    His life is the rich-bitch version of moving into mommy’s basement and putting a cardboard “No Trespassing!” sign with hand-drawn skull and crossbones on the door while yelling an occasional nasally whine up the steps because supper’s late.

    Why anyone would be even remotely interested in this thin-skinned twat or, for that matter, any other part of this institutional clot of carnival hucksters remains a Mystery of Life, although even the mystery isn’t all that important.

    (shrug) I don’t get it. The Royals’ sole apparent use is leverage to laugh at Brits who are paying large wads of actual money for the pleasure of supporting this rotting infestation when they start getting uppity online.

    I guess it’s an Empire thing…

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  7. I’m sick of the pair of them, reading about them, seeing clips of them, pictures popping up all over the place. Thank god he’s not heir to the throne. Good on Charles for cutting back on the monarchy.
    Now strip them of their titles and let them make their own way independently. Isn’t that what they wanted?

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  8. Tell us how you really feel Paula.. 🤣💞

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  11. I just cannot for the life of me figure out why on Earth anyone should (or would) care about these two. All you two want to do is have privacy and do good things? Well go away and quietly do good things. What you’re doing is being nosey, annoying, cloying, whiny, and overbearing. Both of you need to dry the crocodile tears and find a useful way to make money, or don’t – but stop being on my phone, the tv, my news feed, and everywhere! I can’t get rid of them, and I’m at the point where if the stupid control to “block all articles like this” doesn’t start working, I’m going to sue Google for emotional distress. They will HAVE to pay me – if I’m supposed to care about the emotional distress of two strangers, they should care about my emotional distress that they’re causing me. Ugh.

    TGIF, 1/13/2023

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  12. Thank god for the animal stories!

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  14. blindzanygirl

    I’m British and you don’t offend me Paula, I feel the same way you do. Harry’s book has already been remaindered in this country, no one is really interested. Have a good weekend and a safe journey.

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  15. Hello Paula,

    Here is the link to y post. Happy weekend;

    Winter’s Hunter – Haiku 2023 #TGIF

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  16. I love a good animal story but they can keep the rest of that crap!
    Have fun with your family this weekend.

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  17. So now, Harry resents being the second son and the “spare heir” on top of everything else. Is he jealous of his brother? I understand that he was traumatized by the death of his mother, but as far as I can determine, he was treated with the same love, compassion, and understanding as William. But while Harry partied, exploited the tabloids, and acted like a fool, William was taking care of business and getting on with his life. Harry is an attention junkie. He married an attention junkie. They are both narcissists who think the world revolves around them. But some people will always be fascinated by the Royals and fuel their need for adulation and worship.

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