Solstice [fss]

dawn meadow fantasy

The sun was setting over the lake, painting the sky in a mix of orange and gold, and the air was filled with the sound of crickets singing, when suddenly… three goddesses ran out of the woods into the meadow to celebrate the solstice. They flung off their dresses with wild abandon and began dancing naked in a frenzy with their long hair flying in every direction.

Simon watched them in wonderment, trying to be quiet so they wouldn’t notice his presence in their feminine domain. He was concerned it wouldn’t be a great idea for a married man to start cavorting around with nude wood nymphs. In fact, he was fairly certain that Sheila would frown upon that. But they saw him!

“Simon!” they chanted. “Simon! Simon, get up!”

What? Oh crap, it was only a dream.

“You’re going to be late again,” Sheila called from the bathroom. “And Cindy needs you to check her math homework. We have that thing at the school tonight, don’t forget. Cam will be so disappointed if we aren’t in the first row. Hurry up, your oatmeal is getting cold!”

Simon rolled out of bed, the vision of the goddess meadow melting from his mind like a snowflake in the sun.

©️2022 Paula Light and Light Motifs II. No unauthorized use permitted.

Written for Fandango’s Story Starter 77.

21 responses to “Solstice [fss]

  1. Men. LOL

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  2. I hate when it ends up only being a dream, and it is too bad that we can’t alter the course of our dreams, so we can be satisfied.

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  3. 😬

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  4. Dreaming, rather than getting up, is much better.

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  5. A delightful tale Paula… 🤍

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  6. Ah, the dreams we dream only to have real life interrupted them so rudely. Nice post, Paula.

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  7. An awesome story and photo. Lovely!!

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  8. Sometimes real life ruins everything!

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  9. Haha! I e,joked that twist! Real life has a terrible habit of interrupting our dreams.

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  10. I suspect he was dancing around the wood for a few minutes hoping Shiela or the kids did not come in the room!

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