The Lost Princess


The boisterous knights were drinking mead, munching on cupcakes, and telling tall tales around the fireplace when the King strode into the hall.

“Attention!” The King raised his arms for silence. “I need the least drunk one of you to go find my sweet Princess. She’s wandered off again.”

The knights rolled their eyes and muttered among themselves, and finally senior knight Caldor the Cunning nominated Tomkin the Twitchy for this most onerous of tasks.

Tomkin, being newly knighted, had no clue this was a hated chore and eagerly jumped up to serve his King. “I shall be pleased to ride out in this dastardly blizzard and fetch your daughter, Sire! It is a great honor to be chosen for this most important of missions.”

“It’s not my daughter, you idiot!” The King bellowed at poor Tomkin. “It’s Princess, my pet unicorn. Why is your eye twitching like that? Are you bespelled?”

“No, Sire!” Tomkin replied. “I stay far away from witches and devils. It’s because the talking bird pecked my face while I was still a babe in the cradle.”

Blackbird crow tree green morning

The King waved him off. “Make haste! I don’t want Princess to catch the snow fever.”

Garley the Gaunt raised his cup in a toast. “Better Tomkin than any of us!” he cackled. “He will never find that foolish horse in all this snow.”

Caldor agreed. “‘Twill be a miracle for him not to lose his toes or a whole foot in this storm, if he returns at all. It hasn’t been this cold since the King was in short pants.”

“Tomkin shall return unharmed and victorious,” declared Muslik the Marbled. “He was kissed by a raven and thereby gifted the secret knowledge of all horned animals.”

Indeed, not a quarter hour had passed before young Tomkin re-entered the hall with Princess trotting behind him.

The elder knights gaped in astonishment. “How did you get her to follow you?” Garley inquired.

“Gave her half my cupcake,” Tomkin replied. “Unicorns love cupcakes.”

Sprinkles mythical creatures cupcake

Caldor nodded at Muslik. “When you’re right,” he admitted, “you’re right.”

©️2022 Paula Light and Light Motifs II. No unauthorized use permitted.

Written for Emma’s Wednesday Writing Prompt and Chelle’s Last Sentence Challenge.

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  1. I have a lot to learn about unicorns.

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  2. Cupcakes… I read this to my girls and they will be after me for cupcakes… To get to the unicorns 😂 lovely one Paula 🤍

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  3. Short, funny, sweet, and gave me a chuckle. Now I know how to bait a unicorn. 😉🧁

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  4. I love your story Paula. This can be extended into a longer story, the cast of characters are very interesting.

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  5. “…drinking mead, munching on cupcakes.” Oh please, no! Mead and cupcakes? Yuck. That’s like beer and ice cream. Not a good pairing.

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  6. Loved this. Great take on the prompt. Feel free to check out mine.

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  7. Smart man is Tomkin, giving only half the cupcake to the unicorn, making sure he had some of the yummy for himself.

    Thanks for the fun story, Paula!

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