Cat walking away explosion fire

Plenty of men have offered wine,
But I find it less than invigorating;
The high I feel is much too mild—
I need something more stimulating.
Then he showed up looking wild,
Dragon tattoo on proud display,
Gave me a bottle filled with fire:
Cinnamon whiskey here to stay.

©️2022 Paula Light and Light Motifs II. No unauthorized use permitted.

Written for dVerse Poetics (cheers) and certainly not based upon any kind of true story whatsoever.

24 responses to “Fireball

  1. Fireball actually has anti-freeze in it and is illegal in some countries. Jack Fire has no anti-freeze but it does cost more.

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  2. that was playful and delightful. i love the image as well. 👏😄

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  3. Whiskey over wine…a stimulating tale, Paula! 🥃🔥❤️

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  4. very cleverly composed 🙂

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  5. Delightful poem, Paula! I’ve imbibed in a Fireball or two. Yikes!

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  6. My kids drink fireball. Not for me. I love these lines: “Then he showed up looking wild. Gave me a bottle filled with fire” Also the tattoo…I might just try it!

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  7. Cinnamon whiskey sounds so yum, whether in liquid or man form. Cheers, girlfriend!

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  8. That’s fun. 🔥🔥

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