Twenty-One and Done


I’m done with the Writer’s Digest poem a day challenge after writing 21 poems, most of which I’m unhappy with. It’s not the same as Nanowrimo, where you have a giant mass of text to edit once you’re finished writing 50K words in November. I’ve done that, and it’s worked out well, resulting in novels. I’ve also failed at it a few times too.

But poetry is a different animal. Yes, I can edit a poem, but usually if I dislike it overall, things won’t change much in that regard after rearranging some words. So now I have maybe 6 poems I like and 15 I feel meh about. I’m not going to redo them; I’ll just move on and avoid this challenge again. I never had any intention of creating a chapbook ~ I simply wanted to write a bunch of poems.

I don’t find the WD vague prompts helpful in general. For example, today was love/anti-love. I’ve written a million love poems and anti-love poems when I’ve been motivated in that direction from stuff in my own life. But “write a love poem” isn’t a prompt, in my opinion. A prompt is more like Colleen’s “the gray scarf,” which is an image, something concrete, to help generate a scene and/or a feeling. Maybe the gray scarf was worn by a lover or by someone who rejected me. I can see a gray scarf fluttering in the winter wind as his harsh words of goodbye hang in the air like icicles.

See? I’m already excited about this possible poem!

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16 responses to “Twenty-One and Done

  1. I am a miserable poet. And aside from Cee’s challenges, a couple from Fandango, and two others, I don’t do prompts. I find them more annoying than useful.

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  2. I am terrible at poetry, so I stopped trying.

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  3. I’m not much of one on prompts, but usually do Eugenia’s on Moonwashed Musings. But the gray scarf thing…that’s intriguing.

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  4. I am confident that your “the gray scarf”

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  5. I like prompts for writing because they get my mind moving in a certain direction. I don’t like prompts for poetry for the reasons you mention. The poems I like to write are personal and they don’t come from prompt words, they come from a thought or smell or memory.

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  6. Well I for one think you poems are great.

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  7. I don’t have the patience for daily prompts. And if a prompt doesn’t immediately interest me, I won’t do it

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