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I prefer to watch my step rather than count steps because I know my count would be very low, and it’s more important to me to be cautious so I don’t fall again. Stepping all over the place only leads to disaster with trips and crashes, sprained ankles, and an aching back. There’s a reason couches were invented, and I vastly prefer potato-ing on one to traipsing around in the wilderness. We have snakes here and coyotes and bears. No thank you!


This was a social week for me because I went out twice after work. Monday I saw the Godard film Breathless (1960) with a Meetup group. I didn’t realize until halfway through that the Richard Gere movie Breathless (1983) was a remake. Doh. I saw the Gere movie ages ago and didn’t care for it, as Jesse’s actions seemed so randomly stupid. In the original though, we get a better understanding of the antihero’s detachment from life and why he deliberately throws it away out of boredom. I did prefer the Gere ending however because it left a tiny bit to the imagination.

bears book

Wednesday I met with some book club peeps at a restaurant near my office and we talked about A Taste of Sage by Yaffa Santos (2020). Six out of seven of us enjoyed the book overall, but everyone had some criticisms. Some didn’t approve of the fast pace of the relationship between the hero and heroine ~ that’s when we began to chat about love at first sight, which inspired yesterday’s poem. I didn’t mind the fast pace so much because I’m used to that in romance novels. In fact, one I just finished was much the same: You Can’t Hide by Karen Rose, 2006, which I liked a lot. I didn’t particularly like the protags in Sage ~ I found them both annoyingly arrogant, at least through much of the book. Even so, I appreciated the story because it was different and fun with the food themes and recipes. It’s always great to see main characters with traits out of the ordinary, such as synesthesia for Lumi and crimson hair for Julian. I gave the novel four stars. I gave Karen’s four stars too and ordered four more of hers from eBay, apparently a great site for used books.

Anyway, it was nice to get together in person with this book club because their meetings aren’t always convenient for me. It looks like there will be two in December I can attend, plus a couple more coming up with another book club. There are also three more Godard movies in this series, so I hope to watch those as well. Plus, I have various holiday plans with family, friends, and coworkers. Yikes, I need to schedule some staring-at-the-wall alone time so I don’t get overwhelmed.

What about you? Good week, not so good, books, movies, counting steps…? Spill it and link back to my TGIF post!

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  1. I’ve started my walk again. 20-25 minutes in the morning. If I feel like it, 20 minutes in the evening. It was a good week, though a bit short on nourishment. 😍

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  2. Happy Stepping Out Times My Friend.

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  4. I had the best week so far…been back on my regular yoga im feeling more energy lately..

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  8. “Steppin’ Out” – Great song, great video…

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