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Welcome to my refreshed Monday Peeve! Unburden yourself of an annoyance and you’ll feel better afterward. Or not. Complain in my comments or crab in your own post. Doesn’t have to be on a Monday. You do you.

My doctor (whom I love) communicates with me via a portal, which is unfortunately not a doorway to a cool parallel universe full of unicorns dispensing unlimited valium, but a dopey, clunky website where we exchange emails. I don’t blame him, since this is the new way, and from what I understand all the docs use portals, but gah how annoying it is never to be able to call and ask a question or hear lab results from a person.

Instead of getting email with info, I receive a notification that something awaits me in the portal. Ooh, what could it be? I have to go over there and log in to find out. This time it was an announcement that at some point they will be switching portals and soon my login credentials won’t work at this one. Also, I should copy any portal comms I want now because they’ll disappear. They couldn’t have just emailed this notice? It’s not private!

I don’t mind emails or technology in general, but this portal crap is just so inconvenient and tiresome, adding an extra step for no reason whatsoever. I’m really over it.

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29 responses to “TMP76: Portal Schmortal

  1. I am glad they don’t do that portal stuff here yet. I know it’s on the way. medical care has gone downhill since this COVID thing started.

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  2. Is it a permanent thing or Covid related?

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  3. I dislike them too and the password is always changed so have to go through that again.😖

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  4. I think it’s a HIPAA issue. The encryption protocol used for standard email isn’t secure enough to ensure confidentiality.

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  5. HORRIBLE way to practice medicine. I understand covid risks might have warranted this short term, but it seems it has definitely opened a portal to non-human interface as standard practice for medical professionals. Will the bill be appropriately reduced? Of course not! Anyone in an HMO is just a number in their database now 😦

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  8. I don’t have problems with portals, but l do have problems with imbecility and especially when it comes via the letting agents. I tell them frequently to NOT use my mobile phone for communication but only use my landline or email because my mobile is a dinosaur Nokia and l ONLY have it for this double authentication nonsense.

    BUT what do they do? Yes they keep using my mobile phone even though it only lives in the house permanently on a charger. WORSE is when the twits pass my mobile phone onto people who l need to talk to and then send me emails to complain that l don’t answer my effing mobile phone!!


    Letting agents are frucktwats!

    But portals would be interesting .. sorry l had to vent…

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  9. They’ve started using that sort of thing in Norway, too, nut at least it puts all the national health care stuff in one place. I’m not bothered because I last saw my doctor in 2018. I used the portal last to get my covid vaxx “passport”.

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