TGIF ~ October!


Happy Friday and last day of September! Wow, that went by… slowly. Bet you thought I was gonna say fast, but nope. September is always a tough migraine month for me, and this one dragged on as usual with days full of pain and nights plagued with insomnia. Good news is I’ve been feeling and sleeping a little better this week since the temps dropped a bit, and I’m hoping that trend continues.

October is jam-packed full of activities in my corner of the world, from a wedding this Sunday (not mine, don’t get excited) to a play of Young Frankenstein next weekend to an Elvis-themed movie/game night to book club meetups, etc. Some friends and I want to see Bros because the preview looked hilarious (not for the PC crowd). The only October thing I don’t have plans for is Halloween itself!

Guess I should buy a big bag of Reeses’s peanut butter cups in case someone shows up for Trick-or-Treat, not that they ever do. But you can’t be too careful, right?

Reese’s peanut butter cups

Other plans for the month include finishing my genre bingo challenge card (and posting more book reviews), writing poetry to post, training for a marathon, getting back to work on my book of long short stories (I would like to complete it before I’m 90), and just being the best person I can be given my physical limitations and the utter madness of the universe.

One of those was a lie, as my careful readers will note. What are your October plans and goals? Feel free to respond in comments or create your own post. Use the nifty logo that Fandango found, if you like. And remember that my TGIF prompt is themeless, so write whatever the heck you want (within reason).

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29 responses to “TGIF ~ October!

  1. Glad that you are sleeping better. Sorry for your September troubles.
    You are training for a marathon!! Wow, how do you find the time with so busy a schedule. Is that the one that isn’t true?👍

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  2. “Just being the best person I can be given my physical limitations and the utter madness of the universe.” Perfectly stated Paula. Why is it that I don’t believe you’re training for a marathon???

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  3. I’ll see you at the finish line of that marathon – I’ll be there having a small talk with strangers party.

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  4. Losing some of the weight I’ve gained during the inactive period of my foot surgery.

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  5. I hope your migraines get better. I can’t imagine having them the way you do. Good luck with the marathathon.

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  6. Loved this light hearted post! And I think I have a clue as to which plan might be a lie, but you never really know someone on WP, right?😂😂

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  7. Hope your migraines continue to get better indeed. As for the marathon, my husband recently asked me after a 2.5km nature walk when I’d be walking the Nijmegen four-day march, which is 40km for women each day. I at one point, back when I was also planning to study in the United States in college and never return to the Netherlands, wanted to walk the event indeed. Now I realize this 2.5km walk took all my strength. I think it’s as unlikely me participating in the four-day march as you running a marathon.

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  11. You sound busy! I think thats cool that you’ve got loads of plans!

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  13. I am sitting here thinking “You could be training for a marathon” who am I?lol

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