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Lauren continues the Throwback Thursday series by asking about our conformity way back when.

1. What were the words you would have used to describe something cool or popular?

I was between the groovy generation and the awesome kids, so everything good was “cool.” That’s it.

2. How about those things that were uncool?

Uncool obviously. Or they “sucked.”

3. What were the hairstyles of the day?

Long and straight, long and permed, short and cute, and of course the whole “Farrah” phenomenon.

Farrah hair

If boys did anything special with their hair, I have no idea what it was.

4. Did they have a name everyone used to reference them?

Officially, we were late boomers, but we never called ourselves that. Guys and girls were the terms. And for the record, I don’t get fussed if someone calls me a girl, even now. That’s a weird hill to die on, imo.

5. What were the styles of the time?

Everyone wore jeans and tee shirts.

6. What word would you have used to describe something distasteful?


7. What about peers you were not fond of or were not part of your tribe?

First, I wasn’t in a tribe ~ I had a small group of friends and at times only one or none. Second, I would likely have been considered an outcast if anyone had bothered thinking about me at all. But I didn’t pine away to be part of the in-crowd, since it was obvious they were all connected via sports, which I hated.

8. Any phrases you remember that were used (or overused)?

Gross and cool, which I still overuse!

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29 responses to “Groupthink

  1. Everyone wanted to have Farah Fawcett’s hair style.

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  2. I don’t think I knew the slang when I was a child/teenager, and I certainly don’t now! I was just with the geeky kids, although we wouldn’t have called ourselves that then.

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  3. I recall saying cool and awesome a lot. Still do 😎

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  4. Ha ha ha we’re definitely from the same generation! 🙂

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  5. Same generation here.

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  6. I find conformity around wearing ugly fashion to be quite fascinating. I don’t know why mom jeans ever made a comeback. Acid wash jeans back in the ’80s were ugly + fun, but mom jeans are just straight ugly.

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  7. You nailed ones U forgot about Paula. My tribe had only three members including me. Thanks for joining in.

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  8. My answers are nearly identical to yours. I think I’ll pass this week…

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  10. I think a lot of people still want Farah’s hair, lol

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  11. I always wanted a Farrah ‘shag’ but my hair is as straight as a board so there was no way that was going to happen!

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  12. I remember “Dynamite” coming between groovy and awesome.

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