A Perfect Pairing

carrot cake

For sugar, eggs, butter, flour.

By hand or beaters in a bowl.

‘Til done, maybe around an hour.

And read a book to feed your soul.

With delicious buttercream.

A piece with fam and friends.

Cuz frosted cake is such a dream.

This is where my poem ends.

©️2022 Paula Light and Light Motifs II. No unauthorized use permitted.

Written for dVerse Couplets (Côte form) with a reminder that the 2022 Great Bloggers’ Bake-Off is coming up!

41 responses to “A Perfect Pairing

  1. Great. Now I gotta go get a snack so I have something to eat while I read this fine work a second time.

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  2. Ah! Perfect, Paula.💙 This reminds me I have to write for the bake-off too. 😀

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  3. I’d like some too, please 😃

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  4. You have presented the process in a fun way!

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  5. What a creative take. I have never seen a poem in this format. Great job Paula. And the cake looks delicious!

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  6. Reads like a delicious recipe
    Now I’m craving cake!

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  7. Your posts make hungry, lol

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  8. only a small slice please. I have just had breakfast. enjoyed your poem


  9. I smell Christmas in the air 🙂

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  10. So unfair to a diabetic! I love carrot cake! And this one is indeed a perfect pairing, Paula! Well done on the rhyme scheme, too!

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  11. This made me smile and hungry! 🙂

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  12. Like many others – you’ve made me hungry!!! 🙂

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  13. What a wonderful poem and picture. I crave a piece, but I can’t have the sugar or flour.

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  14. This is great and now I want cake!

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  15. This encapsulates my idea of a perfect day.

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  16. Bravo Paula. Nice one


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    Your cake says PARTY!! I love the poem to go with the baking.
    Thank you so much Paula! Very very awesome!

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