It Began in Darkness [fss]

vampire galaxy stars

He hadn’t realized that he’d passed the point of no return until he felt his fangs lengthen and sharpen when the woman in the glimmering blue dress gave him a sultry smile over the edge of her martini glass. Immediately, he left the bar and rushed home before he could do anything rash. After checking that all the doors and windows were secured against the morning light, he flung himself into his lonely bed and contemplated how he might bring an end to his miserable existence.

It began in darkness, when he’d succumbed to a beautiful vampire and her blissful bites, and it would end in darkness, since he’d never be able to walk in the sunshine again. Maybe he should just stay in his room and starve to death! His animal instincts rebelled against that idea, however, and he knew he’d have to feed upon human blood before too long, else he’d weaken, collapse, and crumble into dust. He’d become a fiend, a monster, a soulless wretch who cared nothing for human life except to gulp down its essence into himself.

But the speck of conscience that remained accessible to him forbade him from seeking out innocent victims and perpetuating the wicked cycle. Just because his flesh had been violated, causing this blood lust to dominate his thoughts, did not mean it was acceptable to turn others into the hideous creature he’d become. Who then? Not prisoners, for some were innocent. Not hospice patients because their life force was too weak to sustain a grown man in the prime of death. Annoying celebrities? Maybe, but surely there was a better solution than to seek a fresh vein in the midst of all that silicone and cocaine. Finally, it came to him.

The next day at sundown, he tossed his suitcases into his black Tesla and headed to Washington, D.C., where he received a warm welcome. It was easy to ingratiate himself with the career politicians — after all, he was handsome and charming and exceedingly wealthy — and invitations to fabulous events soon followed. Whenever he felt the need to feed, he now had an unlimited buffet of corrupt egomaniacs he could drain without feeling guilty. He congratulated himself on his success.

But it was a hollow victory.

©️2022 Paula Light and Light Motifs II. No unauthorized use permitted.

Written for Emma’s Title Prompt, Chelle’s Last Sentence Challenge, and Fandango’s Story Starter.

24 responses to “It Began in Darkness [fss]

  1. Imagine all those MAGA turning into vampires 🧛‍♀️

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  2. I loved your thrilling story, Paula.

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  3. Great story. Truly enjoyed.💕

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  4. I do love a vampire story!!

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  5. Good story, good solution. I wouldn’t worry about turning them into vampires, as they already are, feeding off the gullibility and probably $$$ of the deluded public.

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  6. Good choice of targets but soon he’ll keel over from high cholesterol. Plus, I think he will be surprised to know they have been turned into bloodthirsty maniacs a long time ago, when they were elected.

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  7. Oh wow!!!! Not politicians turning into vampires 🤣🤣🤣 Paula this was excellent!!!!

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  9. This was fantastic. I loved it.

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