Tuesday Share [syw]

Share Your World SYW Earth Plant Hand

The good news is that Melanie is getting better, but today Di helps out again with the Share Your World questions.

1. Are you an early riser or late starter to the day?

Super early, unfortunately. Even when I go to bed very late, I can’t sleep past 7 or 8. Most mornings I’m up at 5, sometimes 4. It’s annoying!

2. Do you adopt Breakfast like a king, Lunch like a prince and Dine like a Pauper?

Not exactly. I have a smallish breakfast, a medium lunch, and in general a minimal dinner (unless I’m going out or something). I don’t like to feel full at night.

3. Do you have a sweet or savoury tooth?

Cupcake collage

4. Would you prefer a hot relaxing bath or a massage (remember, family friendly people!)?

I used to love getting a professional massage, but they are out of my budget these days. So relaxing! Baths are uncomfortable for me because my back can’t get comfy in a hard tub.

5. What has been the highlight of the past seven days for you?

Probably seeing friends on Saturday night for games and noms.

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20 responses to “Tuesday Share [syw]

  1. I’ve always been an early riser too. When I was younger and had a social life, weekends were never a sleep catch-up time for me, because I would often stay up late and still wake up early.

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  2. I used to be up early too before my surgery, but now my sleep schedule is all topsy turvy.

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  3. That super early thing is rough. When my eyes pop open at 6am it throws my whole day into turmoil.

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  4. Massage and cupcakes, Yes Please! I’d love to take a bath but my 6′ body doesn’t fit in our tub☹️ plus I’m not supposed to cook my pain pump, so no jacuzzi either… so sad.
    I’ve never paid for a real massage, only had them during physical therapy. I imagine that something longer than like 10 minutes would be divine and possibly addicting😲

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  5. I think the comment I left has gone to your spam folder because the author I mentioned has a surname which could be mistaken for a rude word…

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  6. Great answers!!! If I could get a massage twice a week I would. I’m with ya about not wanting to feel to full at night!

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