5 Ideal Bookstore Features

Books and butterflies

Dr. Tanya continues her #5Things series today by asking what we would feature in our ideal bookstore. I’m going to reply only from MY perspective, since this is a fantasy and I don’t care if it appeals to anyone else!

1. Loads of romance novels, mysteries, and poetry books because those are my favorite things to read.

2. Super comfy chairs with phone chargers that we can sit in as long as we want to and read ALL THE BOOKS!

3. Unlimited varieties of tea (hot and iced), along with delicious cookies and cakes.

4. Nice clean bathrooms.

5. Cats! (These would be pampered cats with food, water, and clean litter boxes available so they wouldn’t go outside and get hurt.)

Someone mentioned convenient and free parking, which would be great too, but I could always have someone drop me off at my dream bookstore (with Gatsby), so I’d never have to leave.

Gatsby cat book Lederer
He likes books too!

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17 responses to “5 Ideal Bookstore Features

  1. Ah I would love such a bookstore. I would love the smell of fresh coffee on offer…and the odd cherry cupcakes 🧁

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  2. I would also like surprisingly low prices, as I’m on a limited income, and it’s always good to find a bargain!

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  3. Sounds wonderful, Paula. Mine would also have a closed music room (with windows to the rest of the store) set up with good acoustics so you could listen to new music (or even bring your own) to hear it on a superior sound system. I would also love it to have a small stage for both musical solo artists or small groups and open mike nights for music, poetry, readings. Also small conference rooms for book club, etc. type gatherings.

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  4. Sounds like a place to be in.

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  5. There is a used book store near me that has a cat inside. “Resident Cat” is written on the front door. My sons used to love going there with me to see the cat as we looked for books.

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  6. I mentioned the parking.
    I love your additions about cats.
    And that’s a very practical suggestion about the clean bathrooms, after all that tea and coffee.

    Ah …..
    If wishes were horses , beggars would ride

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  7. Sounds like a cool spot! I would definitely frequent a bookstore like this 🙂

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