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Happy Friday!

Thanks to Fandango I now have a nifty cool logo for my TGIF posts. Much appreciated. I will also appreciate a break from this awful heat wave that appears to be coming at the weekend. Right now (Thursday night) it’s 85 degrees at 9:30 PM, and it reached 100 in the afternoon. All week the temps have been similarly obnoxious. But we are scheduled for a break Saturday and beyond, which may include a bit of rain. According to my weather app, next week we should see highs around 80, which is much more reasonable. It’s hard to make plans or feel in the mood to do much of anything when I know I’ll be suffering from the effects of icky heat, so I’m really looking forward to a break.

I’m in Orange County, California, a few miles from the beach. Usually our weather is pretty nice, except for the Santa Ana winds. I don’t miss the dramatic change of seasons or the months of cold and snow I lived through in my younger days in Chicago and on the East Coast. I can’t imagine going back to that now ~ I don’t even have the desire to take a vacation to snowy climes ever again. But it is true that my migraines became immediately worse as soon as I moved out here at age 22. Maybe it was just a coincidence and I was destined for that regardless of location.

Please note that my TGIF is a prompt post, so feel free to jabber on about your weather or whatever you feel like and link back to me. You can even use the snazzy logo!

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20 responses to “TGIF ~ Weather

  1. It is at all possible that your migraines could be a result of the LA smog?

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  2. Sorry about you having to endure all that crappy weather. I never thought I’d see the day when a Missourian said that to a Californian, but here we are. Take care!

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  3. Better weather is definitely better!

    My TGIF: After working on a novel that is not going well, out of nowhere yesterday, I came up with an idea for a different novel. It’s one of those ideas that’s so stupid it might actually be brilliant. In any case, I had some fun working on it.

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  4. I think the Inland Empire has the worst smog issue. We lived there for years. Indiana has bad weather.

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  5. I live in the South, so temperature fluctuations aren’t as bad here as up north. What winter we do have, though, I don’t like; but at least it doesn’t last long, and we get little to no snow.

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  6. The weather has cooled sharply here as well. And rain is expected on the weekend. 🌧

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  7. I’m so happy for you that you’re getting some relief from the heatwave. Thanks also for this great opportunity to ramble. I’m going to write a post now.

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  10. Fancy!!! Love your logo

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  11. It was 90 and windy at 6am, 81 and raining by 10am, 85 and humid at noon, and now at 4pm, it’s occasional sprinkles and maybe 75… weather has gone crazy!!

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