Feathers [fss]

White feathers

I awoke from a sound sleep, and before I could switch on the light a strange vapor clouded my senses. It was cool to the touch and smelled like eucalyptus. An angel began to form in the mist, glowing brightly and wearing a robe of white feathers.

“I’ve been waiting for you,” she said, and I realized how precarious my situation was.

“But… but I still haven’t lived all my days,” I protested weakly. “There are things I need to do. Besides, I thought you were a myth.”

“You should have written that book when you were off work instead of playing video games,” she admonished. “And why haven’t you proposed to Laura?”

“I meant to, but I couldn’t afford a nice ring. She knows I love her. I think. And gaming helped my, uh, creative process.” I winced at the fragility of my denial.

“Psssh,” the angel said, clearly unimpressed.

“Give me another chance,” I begged. “I swear I will do…” But my words stuck in my throat, which was dry as sandpaper, and the angel vanished.

“Good morning, Zack,” a male voice intoned. “I just took your vitals, and your doctor will be making his rounds shortly. I’ll leave a cup of ice chips on your tray. Your phone is here too.”

Wait, what? I struggled to make sense of this. “Where’s the angel?” I rasped.

He laughed as he walked away. “You mean your surgeon? I’ll be sure to tell her you think she’s an angel. Have some ice for your throat.”

Surgeon, right. I remembered I was in the hospital for an appendectomy. The angel had been a mirage. Crazy anesthesia!

I had a sudden urge to call my girlfriend Laura. As I reached for my phone, a white feather floated from the tray table down to the floor.

©️2022 Paula Light and Light Motifs II. No unauthorized use permitted.

Written for Fandango’s Story Starter 58.

25 responses to “Feathers [fss]

  1. Excellent storytelling. Had me hooked to the end, Paula.

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  2. Perfect ending Paula.

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  3. Good storytelling. I bet he went ring shopping as soon as he was discharged 🙂

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  4. Nice story, Paula!

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  5. Maybe it isn’t too late. I hope he hangs on to that feather.

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  6. Oh so interesting and intriguing Paula.

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  7. I loved this one especially that feather floating down at the end!!

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  8. This is a tale well told, intriguing and mysterious, especially the ending!

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  9. I enjoyed your story very much Paula.

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