Monochrome woman grey

I took the path of least resistance and it led to a monochrome meadow full of white flowers, black trees, and grey skies. No wait, I cried, trying to find my way back to color and spice. But it was too late and every road looked the same, circling back around in an impossible bored game. I accepted my fate to wander alone in this frictionless maze, craving the drama I had once despised, until one day a white knight on a black horse arrived.

“Hello,” he said with a smile. “Our records show that your auto warranty has expired.”

©️2022 Paula Light and Light Motifs II. No unauthorized use permitted.

Written for Six Sentence Story.

17 responses to “Path

  1. I liked “bored game”!

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  2. LOL. Those white knights aren’t all they are advertised to be.

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  3. Lol! Love the ending. Very thought provoking story Paula

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  4. An excellent post with quite the ‘surprise’ ending ~ a most enjoyable read.

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  5. I enjoy how your can write a story with many levels of meaning at the same time.. Amazing!

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  6. I hate when that happens.

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  7. 😂😂😂 True “Hell”!

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  8. Yup. And I don’t even own a car. But I appreciate them giving me ONE LAST OPPORTUNITY to renew. Their patience is only exceeded by their magnanimity.

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