Cherry 2000

Bowl of cherries

I watched Cherry 2000 because of some man, which is the reason I used to do many things that weren’t my idea.

I liked the film, even though the initial premise that a Stepford wife sexbot would malfunction in water is a bit weak. Naturally the protag falls for a “real” woman on the journey to obtain a replacement sexbot. And here’s the actual suspension of disbelief: that any man would ever choose a flawed real woman over a fake perfect one.

Maybe I’m wrong, but life is so much sweeter now that I no longer look for him.

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Written for the Carrot Ranch’s 99 Word Challenge. Image via Reena Saxena.

4 responses to “Cherry 2000

  1. I haven’t seen the film, but I struggle to imagine having a relationship with someone (something?) perfect, particularly if it had no real independence.

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  2. This is being realistic ☺️

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