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What do people incorrectly assume about you?

Actually, I don’t know if lately people assume anything or even think about me much at all (cue violins), but in the past there have definitely been incorrect assumptions. The most glaring was when men assumed that anything I wrote about (especially in the romantic/sexual area) must have happened to me. Say, what?! I guess they believe that all those Regency writers have had romances with dukes and earls! And naturally Stephen King periodically becomes a murderous monster too. It became so irritating I hated even telling new men that I wrote as a hobby.

Online, when I used to engage more about politics and such, some assumed that if I said I was voting for a certain politician, that must mean I love them and fawn over their every utterance. No. That would be T* supporters who do that. Mostly, I vote for the person I hate the least, and even that’s a struggle at times in the primaries. Also, some people are obsessed with putting others into neat boxes and labeling them as whatever thing. Well, I’m not a cat and I don’t fit into a box. I don’t agree with every position on “my side” ~ and occasionally I agree with something on the “other side.” OMG! Gasp!

Cat in a box

There have been amusing assumptions about food. For example, if I order something vegetarian or vegan, some people assume I am a vegetarian or a vegan. No. I just enjoy meatless meals most of the time. In fact, I found some super tasty vegan “meatballs” yesterday at the store and had them with couscous and veggies ~ delicious! But that doesn’t mean I won’t have chicken for lunch tomorrow. Also, that whole BS thing of “you don’t have to diet because you’re already thin.” Well, duh. Why do you think I’m thin? It’s because I’ve watched what I eat since I was 11 years old. I also don’t eat cupcakes that often, despite posting about them on social media. However, I will probably have a cupcake review or two later this month… I just looked at Sprinkles’ specials. Yum!

Remember that people’s assumptions reflect more about them than they do about you.

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Written for Sadje’s Sunday Poser 88.

20 responses to “Assumptions

  1. Why do people have to assume things anyway, its stupid and irritating! X

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  2. I always find it rather strange when people are avid supporters of a politician or party and agree with everything they come up with. I would much rather exercise a little independent thought and disagree with the inevitable bone-headed decisions.

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  3. I don’t actually know what people assume about me. I mean, I know what I worry they assume about me, but I don’t know what they actually assume.

    Agreed about politicians.

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  4. Well said Paula! You do what ever you like without people taking it as your norm. Thanks for sharing

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  5. “Mostly, I vote for the person I hate the least, and even that’s a struggle at times in the primaries”…Yep, lol

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  6. I guess if I met a woman who had been married and divorced five times, I might assume she is difficult to live with. I would probably just go with that unless I received a whole bunch of additional information.

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