Noted [socs]

Coffee notepad pen

Make a note,” Tony barked at Maria. “First thing tomorrow, cancel her parking card.”

Maria rolled her eyes. Like she ever comes here! “Noted. Change the locks. Notify the banks. Cancel her parking card. Anything else, Tony? Because it’s seven-thirty and—”

“Take a letter, Maria.” Tony paced back and forth. “Tell her… No wait! Maybe it’s better if we only communicate through our attorneys from now on.”

Maria picked up her purse. “Probably that’s a good idea. OK, then, I’ll see you in the—”

“You wanna grab dinner or something?” Tony asked. “You know I’ve always thought you were—”

“I can’t!” Maria yelled, desperate to leave. “I have to go feed my cat. He gets really crazy if I’m late.”

Tony shrugged. “See you tomorrow. I’m bringing in those fancy donuts to celebrate my upcoming divorce. If she hadn’t filed first, you know I would have, right? She never understood me.”

Maria left the building.

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  1. Good take on the prompt, and I like the song, too. 🙂

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  2. Good take Paula

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  3. Love that song! Great storytelling. Lovely!

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  4. I remember the song. I love the way you told the story. Marie is a smart woman the way you write her.

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  5. Tony & Maria? Did you see the new version of WSS? Prepared to bridle over the umbrage, I really thought they hit it out of the park. “Take a letter, Maria” got me chuckling. I always liked the song as well. Not as much as “My Maria”, which now I have to find on YouTube. All this before one coffee…Cheers, Mark

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    • Actually I haven’t seen the new one, but it seemed natural to name the guy Tony, both cuz of WSS and cuz I once had a super annoying boss named Tony!


  6. I love how you mixed the prompt with the dong so perfectly! Nicely done!

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  7. I know this isn’t autobiographical because it would have been cupcakes.

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  8. I suppose “I have to go feed my cats” is at least as good an excuse as “I have to rearrange my socks drawer.”

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  9. Excellent post 💜

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