TGIF ~ Only Murders

New York City

Hurrah! Only Murders in the Building has returned for Season Two… and the first two episodes are great! I’m trying not to binge watch the whole thing in a blur because when I do that I can’t remember some of the details. This is such a good show with the characters perfectly cast. I even appreciate Amy Schumer in her new role, when she usually makes me cringe.

For a long time, my philosophy was hey I am paying for Prime, so I refuse to buy other channels, plus I don’t even like TV that much blah blah blah. Welp, I’m happy to report that even though I am old and generally stubborn, my mind can still be changed. That happened the first time with Game of Thrones ~ I watched via a friend and liked it so much I subscribed. I think that was HBO. It’s easy to cancel when your show ends or breaks, and then you can restart it later.

I’m subscribed to AMC+ in order to watch the end of Better Call Saul, which begins again July 11 with 6 more eps. Then I will cancel the channel. And I’ve just subscribed to Hulu so I can watch OMITB. What I like about Hulu is that you have the option to subscribe with ads for half price ~ and I don’t mind ads. Gives me a chance to scroll WP! I watched a strange movie on Hulu last night called The Assistant… and I haven’t decided whether I liked it or not. But it was different ~ and I like that!

I’m not thrilled about adding new expenses in this economy, but I justify it by saying good shows keep me home, and when I’m home I’m not out using gas and buying food in restaurants (a win/win because of money and salt). I’ve discovered that my aging eyes are not happy when I stare at a screen close up all day at work then again at night, and my carpal tunnel protests too, so I need to give myself a break from doing more work and/or writing. Sad but true.

Have a good one!

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10 responses to “TGIF ~ Only Murders

  1. You’re also saving money by not dating, so bring on the HBO!

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  2. You sound like you have a handle on expenses so i say splurge all you want on those television channels.

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  3. I am so excited!!!!!!

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  4. I just couldn’t get into that show. I really tried to like it. Sigh

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  5. I’m all about binge watching, so I’m going to wait until all episodes of season two the show have aired and the watch the whole season over 2-3 nights. So don’t post any spoilers, please. 😉

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