TMP62: Reader’s Choice

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Welcome to my refreshed Monday Peeve! Unburden yourself of an annoyance and you’ll feel better afterward. Or not. Complain in my comments or crab in your own post. Doesn’t have to be on a Monday. You do you.

What a week, eh? Mine was a strange dichotomy of personal calm and political upheaval. There’s a lot to be enraged about, but I don’t have any recent minor annoyances. I’m sure that will change shortly, but in the meantime, I yield the floor to my readers. What is your peeve today?

I’m eagerly awaiting your complaint in comments, or via a link to your own post. Happy crabbing!

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25 responses to “TMP62: Reader’s Choice

  1. The political scene is very upsetting over here too. Personally, I’m getting better day by day

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  2. I have an old hotmail address that I use for mailing lists and other junky stuff. Recently, in addition to the annoying ads dancing around in the sidebar, Microsoft has started sticking in an ad that appears as if it’s your most recent email. I think that’s sneaky, and I’m not impressed.

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  3. I have many pet peeves, but recently, it’s been unsolicited opinions. I rarely discuss politics on social media but my friend made a post about Roe V. Wade, and made a comment about RBG. The only thing I said was that RBG was turning in her grave, and some guy told me I was overreacting and how the decision will open more doors to freedom, and clearly I’m too stupid to understand how the government works. I responded, “You’re a man who clearly has no idea what he is talking about in regard to women and their rights, but yeah, okay, I’m the stupid one…” He thought I was overreacting because I said RBG was turning in heregrave?! Haha! Poor guy has no clue!

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  4. Hi Paula
    My main annoyance last week was just this crabby lady we know – she can grate on the nerves – only see her once a week and so next time will keep more distance

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  5. My complaint is the high pressure has been causing HRH to be extra agitated. He flipped out on Saturday and worse on Sunday. Kicking buckets and bins of small toys for distance… in the house, slamming the side by side fridge door open so hard, and so wide that it’s off kilter and won’t close right, breaking the mirror on my closet door, and generally just making ginormous messes and being destructive.

    I’d like the high pressure to go away, or his med doctor to realize that he’s almost 14, bigger than many adults and has puberty level testosterone messing with him, and give us a medication that will chill him out. Quit being so timid… he’s unsafe to himself and us when he gets out of control like that.

    Oh, and the Supreme Court and Mitch McConnell make ME wanna break stuff😡😤🤬

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  6. People saying one thing and doing another, betraying trust.

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  7. The same old peeve about how “the media” can only handle one big headline at a time. And that the big headline today grossly ignores the nuances around the SCOTUS decisions, including the fucking fact that Congress can fix this but they are all acting like, gee, I guess that settles it–there’s nothing we can do. Just couldn’t be helped. Sorry. Let’s just move on.
    I’m also peeved that gun control is now out of the national discussion, again, I guess that settles it, let’s just move on now, and the further fact that the so-called gun-legislation that did get passed is completely, totally useless and doesn’t address the main–I should say, ‘only’–real issue. And while I’m at it, let’s throw in the very phrase “political capital,” as in, He or she doesn’t want to spend the political capital right now to try to address this. So, my question is, what are they saving it up for, if not something as big as this latest decision, or gun control? Is there something bigger coming that we want to have lots of political capital to spend? Sorry but the crap going down lately is overwhelmingly annoying right now.
    OK. I don’t feel much better, except maybe a Democrat reading this will do something totally new and different and go vote, because if they don’t, they may not get what they deserve, but they’ll certainly get something, and they won’t like it.
    SIgned, Angry impotent Internet non-influencer. (I resist the urge to launch into another rant about the terms ‘influencer’ and ‘creator.’)

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    • I also hate those words, along with the incompetent politicians we keep electing because there’s no real choice except between a clown and a devil. STILL, I am pissed at those who choose devils over clowns (even via the default of not voting or going third party) 😡😡😡


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  9. Most of my posts since the middle of last week have been peeves about the Supreme Court. I don’t think the world needs another one.

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  10. When private isn’t private, long story short, WP need to thoroughly research their privacy modes.

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