Shoes and Weddings and Dragons, Oh My! [socs]

Sandals and purse

“Don’t stamp your little foot in last season’s product at me, honey.”

Anyone recognize that quote?

It’s from Legally Blonde, of course! Elle was waiting to get a drink at the water fountain when one of the prosecution’s witnesses cut in front of her and then said that to her after he was done. Naturally, Elle immediately realized he was gay and therefore wouldn’t have had an affair with her defendant, which destroyed the entire prosecutorial case and exonerated her client. Because the only reason a man would know anything about shoes is due to his being gay, right?

Whatever. I love that cute movie, but Legally Blonde 2 was totally meh. Some things need to be left alone, and I don’t understand this mania for sequels and prequels when there is so much new writing. Supposedly, there’s a Legally Blonde 3 in the works, but it’s already been delayed several times, so who knows?


Also, another wonderful romcom, My Big Fat Greek Wedding, was followed by a mediocre sequel, and now there’s supposed to be a third one in the works. Most likely this will be focused on Toula’s daughter’s wedding (just googled it and yep). I understand trying to milk a success for more more more, but can’t someone stand up and say hey this script sucks… let’s produce something else? I feel the same way about El Camino (Breaking Bad sequel) and The Many Saints of Newark (Sopranos sequel/prequel). I guess I’m a bit more kindly disposed toward Better Call Saul now (another BB sequel/prequel), but only because of Kim Wexler’s expanded role after the first season. She rocks! The rest of ‘em, meh.

Yeah, yeah… you know I’m gonna watch House of the Dragon (Game of Thrones sequel/prequel) when it begins on August 21, but I reserve the right to complain about it!


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16 responses to “Shoes and Weddings and Dragons, Oh My! [socs]

  1. Legally Blonde 3 sounds like an unfortunate mistake. They really should have just left it at the first one.

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  2. I guess gay men might know about women’s shoes, but from watching Sex In The City I learned about Manolo Blahnik and Jimmy Chew.

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  3. The same thing goes for all of those Star Wars movies. I think this is because movie studios are afraid to take risks these days.

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  4. I remember Legally Blonde and had a good laugh……… especially with the perm and washing hair in the shower which proved her step daughter was lying. LB 2 was crap. Sadly the little dog that starred in it passed away some years ago. As for a third? Flogging and dead horse come to mind.

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  5. I just read about MBFGW 3 and I’m optimistic 🤷🏼‍♀️ Nia Vardalos is directing it, sooo🤞 The 2nd one was kinda Meh. That’s actually the last movie I saw in a theater😲 Younger took me🥰

    We’ve EARNED the right to complain… “Get off my lawn!”🤣🤣🤣🤣

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  6. There’s a Game of Thrones prequel! Awesome.

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  7. On pins and needles waiting for GOT!!!! I’m ready to fuss if they do us wrong again!!!!

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