Book Title Poetry

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I found a very cool poetry form at Tao-Talk, which is creating a poem out of book titles. I loved Lisa’s creation, so I figured I’d do one of my own. These are titles currently on my Kindle (some read, some not), and I added transition words only (mostly verbs) to make it flow. Maybe later I’ll do another one from the books in my closet.

Unbroken Shadows

Where the desert meets the sea,
The murmur of bees
Tell the secrets of lost stones.
The last of the moon girls–
Little voices
In the forgotten hours–
Sing the original dream.
A promise of storms
And all the light we cannot see
Guide the last one home.
In the world to come,
Where the forest meets the stars,
Strangers we know
Merge into unbroken
Shadows beneath the falling snow.

©️2022 Paula Light and Light Motifs II. No unauthorized use permitted.

21 responses to “Book Title Poetry

  1. An excellent poem and a super creative idea.
    Great lines: “the murmur of bees tell the secrets of lost stones,” exquisite 👌

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  2. It’s fun and challenging to take a bunch of random words and use them to tell a story, or create a poem. It’s pretty cool to use one form, book titles, to make another form, poetry.

    Well done! 😻

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  3. beautiful poem, Paula ❤ Thanks for the nod.

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  4. That was pretty neat. A perfect “prompt,” if you will, another jog of the old creative bone. Back when there were “real” Yellow Pages, it was fun to read the left and right headings on each page and find serendipitous combinations.

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  5. oooh I like this a lot! It’s kind of mysterious.
    I’ve done a few of these before with my books, and it’s so fun to see how they all come together. 🙂

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