Lessons from the Cat

Zizi kitty cat

Sometimes I lose sight of the big picture, which (in my opinion) is that there isn’t one. According to various charts, I have between 27-32 years left on this earth, and I don’t want to spend that time stressing over what I haven’t accomplished. Instead, I plan to “enjoy every sandwich” as Warren Zevon famously said after being diagnosed with a fatal disease. It’s good advice regardless because you never know when your time is up.

Kitty at window / dreams of birds she cannot reach / soaks up the warm sun

©️2022 Paula Light and Light Motifs II. No unauthorized use permitted.

Haibun written for Haibun Wednesday. App won’t let me single space, hence separators. Pic is of my daughter’s sweet kitty Zizi who went over the rainbow bridge last year.

30 responses to “Lessons from the Cat

  1. That sounds like a good philosophy to follow. You have to live for today, because tomorrow may never come.

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  2. And enjoy every cupcake! 🧁

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  3. Strongly recommended book — and you know I don’t do recommendations — is “Four Thousand Weeks – Time Management For Mortals” by Oliver Burkeman.

    He points out that life, with some exceptions either direction, generally works out to about 4000 weeks. Everyone lives like they’re “banking” time, money, retirement, leaving a mark, whatever, that they can “have it all”, or “be more efficient to Get More Done” to make more time available. But you can’t. It’s simply not possible. You can’t do 30 hours of shit in 24 hours, no matter how efficient you are, and even if you leave ZERO for yourself.

    When one of the 4000 weeks slips by, it’s gone — you haven’t saved any of it for later. Short version (although MUCH better presented in the book) is STOP living for the future and packing more shit into today to make time for later if it involves giving up today for some utterly unattainable goal..

    Book changed my approach to all KINDS of things.

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    • Thanks for the rec! And good to “see” you again 😍


      • Yeah, coming up on a month since I touched my blog. My online time has been sharply curtailed, but should be coming back around now that being on my bike is into that part of the years that it’s like riding into a blowtorch.

        Got a couple of thousand miles on since we last talked and, as always with me, the more ride I take, the less useful stuff I do. But I read y’all (specifically you and a few others) all the time. And I may actually sit back down at a keyboard now that I’m getting tired of slow-roasting my dangly bits out and about on the road…

        Maybe an educational post expanding on summertime riding in the south and specifically on what a biker means when he talks about “swamp butt”. (shrug) Or not. The more you know…

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      • Looking forward to reading you! Er maybe not the swamp butt 😂


    • Sounds like a great book – thanks

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  4. Cool style! I agree with enjoying every sammich! And napping in a warm sunny spot 😻

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  5. Purrrrrrfectly ponderous post!

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  6. Very good credo to live by.

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  7. Well said my friend. We lose sight of enjoying the moment.

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  8. blindzanygirl

    I totally agree with this philosophy Paula.

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  9. The kitty in the haiku has the right idea: Find pleasure where you.

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  10. So-very-true! Love, love the “enjoy every sandwich” sentiment.

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  12. Good for you. You have a wise cat. There is a song by Diana Krall titled “I’ll make it up as I go”. That is all you can really do in life. There are no guarantees on anything. Enjoy each day as it comes. But enjoy don’t fret. 😉

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