Birdcage freedom

Some find freedom in romantic love, and others find freedom in releasing the dream. For decades, I nurtured the dream of love like a precious pet in a golden cage, feeding it fantasies and hope, but in 2017 I let it go. I opened the door and the dream soared out and away, circling around as if to be sure, and then taking off until it was a speck against the azure sky and finally gone. Once in a while, I find a feather to remind me that I used to long for love. But now I am free.

©️2022 Paula Light and Light Motifs II. No unauthorized use permitted.

Written for the Carrot Ranch (99 words on freedom).

9 responses to “Freedom

  1. I like that kind of freedom. 💖

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  2. Great take Paula

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  3. Nice metaphors! 🪶 😻


    • Thanks Angie. At first, I almost passed over this one because I felt I had nothing important to say about Juneteenth or whatever, but then I thought hey I can relate it to my dumb old dating life like I do everything! 😀

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  4. That’s awesome! So many people have to be in a relationship, and it doesn’t matter if it’s positive or not.

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