SLS: Love on the Rocks

Ocean waves rocks

Big thanks to Jim Adams for continuing to host Song Lyric Sunday. For today’s keyword surprise, I chose “Love on the Rocks” by Neil Diamond.

Love on the rocks
Ain’t no surprise
Just pour me a drink
And I’ll tell you some lies
Got nothing to lose
So you just sing the blues
All the time

LOTR was written by Neil Diamond and Gilbert Bécaud in 1980. It appeared in the 1980 movie The Jazz Singer and was also released as a single. The song reached No. 2 on Billboard Hot 100 (US) for three weeks in January 1981, and Billboard rated it as the No. 26 pop single overall for 1981. Bécaud recorded LOTR in French as L’Amour est mort on his 1981 eponymous album. (Wikipedia)

Gave you my heart
Gave you my soul
You left me alone here
With nothing to hold
Yesterday’s gone
Now all I want
Is a smile

I think many of us can relate to these words. When we finally accept that something is over, we hope to at least be treated kindly by the person we once loved and vice versa. But so often things don’t end up that way…

First they say they want you
Hear how they really need you
Suddenly you find you’re out there
Walking in a storm
And when they know they have you
Then they really have you
Nothing you can do or say
You’ve got to leave, just get away
We all know the song

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18 responses to “SLS: Love on the Rocks

  1. You did a great job of presenting this song to us.

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  2. Love me some Neil Diamond!!🎶💃🏼
    I thought you might use Fleetwood Mac 7 Wonders🤷🏼‍♀️

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  3. Neil could really belt out a tune and the enthusiasm in his voice hooks me all the time. This 81-year-old guy is still touring, and he gets big crowds. Thanks for sharing this Paula.

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  4. Classic. 🎶🎼🎵

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  5. A lovely song. We had the album, as my now ex-wife persuaded me to buy it for her after we saw the movie. That wasn’t the cause of the divorce, though 😉

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  6. I used to listen to ND everyday and then one day l simply stopped. I listened to the Jazz Singer album forver when l was though, brilliant tracks.

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  7. Great choice Paula

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  8. Great song choice Paula

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  9. Nice post 😄