Dollars and Sense [socs]

Money coins

Greg stared at his cousin’s flaming red Ferrari. “That’s sure a flashy car. How on earth can you afford it?”

Terry grinned. “Didn’t you get that email I sent you last month?”

“About CupcakeCoin?” Greg shrugged. “That whole crypto thing seems like a scam. No offense.”

“Dude,” Terry said. “Crypto is hot. You are missing out, trust me. I am on the scent of something big here. You’ve got to jump in.”

“But didn’t CupcakeCoin just crash this past week? It’s worth like one cent now.”

“A temporary setback,” Terry assured him. “And the perfect time for you to buy the dip. Use your common sense!”

Two women walked up to the cousins. “Which one of you is Terry Marks?” the beautiful blonde asked.

“That would be me, sweetheart,” Terry said. “What can I do you for?”

“Please just move out of the way, Mr. Marks,” the gorgeous brunette said. “We’re here from Gopher Loans to repossess this Ferrari for nonpayment.”

As Terry gazed mournfully after the glamorous car, Greg said, “Hey, cuz, need a ride? I’ve still got my trusty old pickup truck.”

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11 responses to “Dollars and Sense [socs]

  1. Shortcuts seldom pay.

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  2. Nicely done! I love the twist.

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  3. I bet there’s a lot of this happening right about now!

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  4. Yep! I’m with Greg! Plus I’d never waste money on a flashy car.

    Crypto and NFT don’t seem “real” to me. Not that SSDI leaves me money for investment, but if I *did*, I’d want something a little more tangible.

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  5. Well twist! Beautifully written! 👍

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