Strawberry Moon

Strawberry moon

Winter remained and the wind chilled our bones, but we strolled on the sand every evening. Your hands were gentle and your words were musical, drifting out over the rocks and up to the stars. When the warm rains finally came, the shipwrecked past washed up with its ghosts, determined to barnacle itself to our dreams. We cried so many tears even the ocean receded, taking the memory of love away with the waves.

Strawberry moon glows
Outside my office window
Alone at midnight
Vague recollections tickle
Like cold foam on mental toes

©️2022 Paula Light and Light Motifs II. No unauthorized use permitted.

Tanka prose poetry for Colleen’s Tuesday Tanka and Eugi’s Weekly Prompt.

11 responses to “Strawberry Moon

  1. Lovely poem Paula

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  2. I like “…ghosts, determined to barnacle itself to our dreams”
    Barnacles are tough little buggers!!

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  3. Wonderful. I can picture the strawberry moon.

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  4. Beautiful tanka prose! I love the visuals and the last line of the tanka is stunning.

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