Gypsy Valentine [socs]

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I found the above picture in the February 2020 issue of Orange Coast. This issue came out right before we all locked down for the pandemic, and I still had plans on the table. I had booked a trip to Vegas with friends and was looking forward to it. I canceled that, and soon everything else was canceled too. It was surreal how the streets were all empty and we were terrified to go shopping. I tried to set up grocery delivery, but that never worked out, so I just went super early.

I don’t know if I’ve ever had a beautifully romantic Valentine’s Day, though this one in the ad isn’t about actually going to Spain, which probably wouldn’t be that fun for me because I hate flying. I’ve had dinners out for Vday and the occasional gift, but I don’t recall anything truly Valentine worthy, as depicted in movies and such. It was always an issue with the men in my life believing that Vday was dumb and they saw no reason to buy me a gift or do anything special.

Anyway, it’s interesting that they use the word gypsy in the ad ~ I thought we weren’t supposed to. But I googled it and it’s still okay, except with some folks, including one named the Mindful Mermaid. I’m sure there are those who’d find mermaid offensive as well. Did you know that gypsy comes from Egyptian, which of course has nothing to do with the Romany people (aka gypsies)? It’s a pretty word and always makes me think of dancing and colorful dresses and the Stevie Nicks song.

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4 responses to “Gypsy Valentine [socs]

  1. My next door neighbors just got back from a two week cruise and I asked the wife how they enjoyed their trip. She said that her husband got Covid and now he has pneumonia, so it probably isn’t the right time to be taking any trips yet.

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  2. Love that song!🎶 I also thought the word was off limits, considered a slur. Interesting 🤔
    It seems some words are okay for some people to use, but the rules keep changing. It’s difficult to keep up. It’s one reason I prefer to talk to very few people. People that know me know my intentions and I don’t have to think so much about each word I use.

    VDay with the ex was always him buying me some extremely uncomfortable lingerie and expecting wild sex.
    I’d rather have a pound of See’s Truffles TYVM😂😂😂

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    • Oh yeah… truffles! I do like lingerie too, but silky, lacy things, not binding corsets and stringy thongs. It is annoying to worry about every word when you KNOW you have good intentions. I’ve kinda stopped thinking about it so much… 🙂

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