TGIF ~ Coconut Shrimp

coconut shrimp bowl

Happy Friday!

This week wasn’t so great in the headache department. I had one off and on and then yesterday got slammed with a migraine. The first sumatriptan didn’t knock it all the way out, and by the evening it was super bad ~ blurry vision, nausea, unsteady on feet. I took a second one and went to sleep. Woke at 3am in horrible pain and sweating like mad (I often get hot flashes around migraines), took a Valium, got more sleep, felt a bit better. After a hot shower and a cold diet Coke, I began to feel more normal, which includes being cold for no reason.

I kept my noon appointment for a Covid-19 booster, and so far so good. The last booster made me feel awful for a whole weekend, so I am expecting the same and have made no plans. After all this, I decided I deserved a treat, so I stopped at the Coconut Truck for lunch. Normally, I’ve been a cheapskate with my lunch, but this $15 bowl was definitely worth breaking my money diet for. I didn’t even know there was a Coconut Truck!

Coconut truck

Luckily for me, they only actually offer one coconut dish, which I had and enjoyed a lot, so I won’t need to splurge again for a while. I’m so full of yummy coconut goodness right now that I’m feeling love toward the world! Don’t worry, it will disappear soon and I’ll be back to my grumpy self, ready to write the Monday Peeve.

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14 responses to “TGIF ~ Coconut Shrimp

  1. I did much better with my second booster also. Thanks for sharing your music, as it has been way too long since I last listened to that song.

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  2. 🎶Now I want a coke!😂😂
    Glad the M took a hike! Those things are brutal! I’m so glad I quit getting them (knock on wood)

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  4. This looks great. Hope you keep on feeling better.

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  5. Hope you feel alright ❤

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  6. Sounds like a rough time, and a well deserved coconut bowl! Looks delicious.

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