World Ocean Day

Ocean water rocks bird

Jim has an important post up about World Ocean Day. It’s tragic how we’ve polluted our beautiful home planet, and I hope we can all help clean up and cherish our Earth before it’s too late. Here’s a lovely song by Enya to celebrate the oceans, even if that wasn’t what the “Orinoco Flow” lyrics originally intended to do (Songfacts).

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7 responses to “World Ocean Day

  1. The Enya song is a global geography lesson, that name-checks many locations that you can sail away to, so it sort of is about the oceans. Enya hit the big time with this song, and I think it is a great choice for World Ocean Day.

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  2. I love the Ocean! I haven’t driven my dumb self the 17 miles to visit since before lockdown. I think I’m due, right?! I’ve done the periodic SurfRider beach clean-ups in the past…
    I didn’t know it was World Ocean Day 🤔 I’m gonna have to add that to my calendar!!

    Great Tune too!!🌊🎶🥳😻

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  3. Love this Enya track 🌊🐳🌊

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