The Way [fss/wdys]

Fence gate way path

There was something about that song that always made me think of Trudy and her odd philosophies. If you find a sign telling you this is the way, she told me once after we’d stayed up all night playing Chinese checkers, then take a different route. Trudy wasn’t one to obey signs or rules or anything normal. But what’s normal anymore?

“I googled Trudy,” Dena said as we munched on the sesame cookies she’d brought over. “She got married to a guy named Sebastian Moody.”

“I never thought she’d get married.” I felt a pang of sadness that our friendship had faded to the point where Trudy hadn’t even invited me. “Wait, is her name Trudy Moody now?”

Dena laughed. “If she took his name. You know Trudy! She’s so unconventional.”

But getting married was conventional. “Is she still selling candles and crap online?”

“I don’t know.” Dena picked up a cookie and stared at me. “We could get married, Mel.”

“You and me?” That had come barreling out of left field. “Why?”

Dena grabbed her backpack. “Never mind. I should go and nap since I’m on call starting at midnight. Enjoy the Frampton album. Happy birthday.”

Huh. Dena and me? That was a crazy idea. I watched the rain spatter across the window as the music played on.

©️2022 Paula Light and Light Motifs II. No unauthorized use permitted.

Written for Fandango’s Story Starter and Sadje’s What Do You See?

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  1. I found him. I thought you thought real people wuz boresville?

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  2. Stranger than fiction 😅

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  3. An interesting conversation Paula. Thanks a lot for joining in.

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  4. Well, that certainly took a turn, didn’t it? Trudy Moody! Ha!

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  5. You leave me wondering what happened next! Good one, Paula 🙂

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