5 Things Off My List

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Dr. Tanya continues her #5Things series by asking about the stuff we no longer buy due to the pandemic. Welp, in the last several years my purchasing habits have indeed changed, but not because of Covid-19. Read on…

1. Hair coloring. The last time I got my hair colored at the salon was in 2018, before my eldest daughter’s wedding. It’s slowly turned pretty grey since then ~ I estimate about 25% grey. I used to think it was very important to cover the grey because of dating, but now I don’t date, so I save all the money I would have spent on color or highlights at the salon. I get only basic haircuts now.

2. Sexy clothes and shoes. Same deal. I used to think it was necessary to have cute skirts, tight tops, and high heels in my closet in case I met Mr. Right, but I don’t have to worry about that anymore, and the sexy stuff is long gone. My clothes these days are comfy-frumpy, and my shoes are old-lady style to minimize back pain.

3. Costumes. I used to enjoy wearing funny and/or sexy costumes whenever there was a themed event, but I’ve thrown all that stuff in the trash. It was mostly uncomfortable in any case, and these days I’m more inclined to wear a fun sweater to celebrate a theme rather than a costume and makeup.

4. Makeup! Yep, nowadays I may wear lip gloss or lipstick, but that’s about it. No more fussing with my eyes to impress some dumb guy. Actually, I don’t know if any men really care about eye makeup ~ you always hear them say they like the “natural look,” though some women work hard to look natural. My eyes have become too sensitive for makeup lately anyway, so it’s a win-win.

5. Dating site memberships, gah. Due to the erroneous belief that “you get what you pay for,” I subscribed to sites several times, as opposed to hanging out on the free ones, in hopes of meeting men who weren’t lying, cheating, unemployed, illiterate, cat-hating psychos. Wrong! The same scumbags lurk on the pay sites too.

Giving up dating has been a blessing for my wallet. Men complain about having to pay for dinner, but they have no clue how much we spend to look good for them, while they show up for every date in jeans and a slobbo tee shirt. Bleh!

Please refrain from giving me any advice. I haven’t dated in over 5 years and am much happier without all that drama. As the song says…

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6 responses to “5 Things Off My List

  1. I was just in the supermarket, and I noticed a Rolling Stone magazine celebrating 50 years of Fleetwood Mac, but I didn’t buy it.

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  2. I do my eyes so I don’t keep getting asked if I’m tired. ‘Sides, all my lipstick sticks to my coffee cup, not my lips.

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  3. Your “un purchases” seem to have a theme.
    It shows how lifestyle (and lifestyle changes) influences shopping habits.

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