TGIF ~ Double Shot

Julie Andrews Sound of Music

Happy Friday!

Whoops, I forgot to do a TGIF post last Friday… it’s a new feature here, so I’m not in the habit of thinking about it yet. But here I am TGing all over the place. This has been a tough week in the sleep department and I am tired. Anyway, since I skipped last week, I will do two today.

First, I recently saw a live performance of The Sound of Music and it was fabulous! I haven’t been to that many plays/musicals or concerts, mainly because they’re so pricey. But this one wasn’t too hurty at $40/seat… and they were good seats too. The singing was amazing and the stage sets were so well done ~ I was super impressed. The story deviated slightly in places from the movie version I have, but it still worked fine.

Headphones listen music

Second, I’m loving Spotify Premium. I created some playlists and clicked a zillion favorite artists so they know my taste now and create playlists for me. Since I’m on the paid version, I can skip around as much as I like… and there are no commercials or disc jockeys blabbering. It almost makes driving a pleasure. ALMOST.

OK. Your turn to share a TGIF!

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12 responses to “TGIF ~ Double Shot

  1. I hope you’re able to get some more sleep this weekend.

    I’ve never actually seen The Sound Of Music, although I do know some of the songs.

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  2. I’ve had Spotify Premium for a while, and yes, it is great.

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  4. I am so jealous you saw TSOM live. Aaaah – that would definitely tempt me back into a theatre.

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  5. I wonder if the changes in the story made it more accurate, or if they took the inaccuracy even further…

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    • The two glaring differences were about their escape. In the movie, Rolf betrays the family; in this play I saw, he helps them. And the play took out the funny scene of the nuns disabling the Nazis’ cars. But idk if there was even a Rolf or nuns in the real story…


      • Me neither. I remember reading an article about other inaccuracies: 1) She never loved the old rich guy, but that wasn’t really a necessary thing in that place at that time. She had a good gig.. 2) Escaping through the Alps with Nazis on their trail instead of what really happened, them leaving on a train like normal 20th century people with small children. Did they do the Alps onstage?

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      • Yes, and it was well done imo. They had the nuns singing in front of the abbey, and the family at the rear of the stage climbing steps into the “mountains.” I was surprised at how great the sets were! But yeah, one has to think wtf how could these little kids have survived a trek through the mountains? What would they eat? Where would they sleep?


  6. blindzanygirl

    The sound of music sounds brilliant. I never got to grips with Spotify

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