Blue Kiss

Bioluminescent blue waves night beach

The folks with boats felt safe out there, while we stayed hidden in our homes, but then the sub detonated the bio-bomb and the waves turned a bright, unnatural blue. The water gleamed so beautifully under the shining moon that we wanted to run upon the sand and see the stars reflected in the cobalt depths. They told us to stay far away from the shore, but we were young and fearless, tired of huddling in the stale indoors. You jimmied open a window and we shimmied out. The sand was cold on our naked toes, but the ocean glowed as if a billion sapphires had melted in its arms. Gorgeous and deadly!

The view alone was worth the risk we said as we saw a lone light approach us from the hills. Friend or foe, we did not know. We did not care and danced upon the icy grains, kicking up radioactive dust and breathing in the fresh night air. The light approached, blinding us to the face behind it. You kissed me then, your mouth hot and greedy, for this could be the first and last time we embraced as lovers. The kiss had been a long time coming, but here, in the final hours, we acknowledged our soul connection as the waves splashed up and coated us with death.

I love you never sounded sweeter, and then the stranger began screaming.

[234 words]

©️2022 Paula Light and Light Motifs II. No unauthorized use permitted.

Written for Simply 6 Minutes.

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  1. whew – got dark and heavy as it went on…

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  2. Erie and seductive, very nice Paula.

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  3. Excellent take on the photo.

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  4. WOW! this one certainly reeled me in!

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  5. This is brilliantly written Paula

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  6. Wow. Good piece of writing, (if uncomfortable.)

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