You Can Leave Your Hat On [socs]

Goldfinger Oddjob 007 James Bond

Especially if you’re Oddjob. Seriously, no need to take your hat off on my account, Mr. O. Although Tony Soprano might have had something to say about it, if anyone remembers that classic restaurant scene. It’s simply uncouth to wear a hat whilst eating spaghetti next to a mob boss and he is not going to put up with such boorish behavior. In the old days, men wore cool hats… not baseball caps so much, but nice hats that went with suits and sports jackets, like in Mad Men. My dad had hats… I remember once he and my mom had a terrible argument and he was about to walk out but stopped to get his hat. It was a habit, and even if you’re upset, you don’t forget your hat. Anyway, I told him not to go (I was 6 years old) and he didn’t. Yep, it was just like that song “Daddy, Don’t You Walk So Fast,” except he hadn’t left yet. After that, I always felt it was my responsibility to defuse their fights and make things right. I became expert at sensing their moods ~ some people say that’s what creates an empath, but I never call myself one. I’m not that good at figuring out other people’s moods if they aren’t obvious. Mostly, I’d rather not even know. Knowing conveys a vague sense of guilt and cloaks me in a “do something,” even if the problem has nothing to do with me. I’m not talking about joy or any kind of happy emotions, but bad/sad moods.

Anyway, hats. They are nifty. I should wear mine more often.

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12 responses to “You Can Leave Your Hat On [socs]

  1. I was a family peacemaker, too. It is a tough job and it changes us.

    I must admit I thought your post was going to be about the song or the movie The Full Monty. 😏

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  2. Cowboys coach Tom Landry always wore a hat.

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  3. I too was the peacemaker in the house from a young age.
    On the subject of “knowing” other people’s emotions, I often wish I wasn’t so tuned in. It can be overwhelming.

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  4. I had similar experiences as a kid. I was the oldest of three. My dad left when I was six. I remember seeing him one other time as a child. We’d moved across the country. He showed up for a few days. It was weird.

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  5. If I could find the hat that Laurence Harvey wore in “The Alamo” (and the rest of his cool costume as well) I’d stride forth and leave more of a ‘mark’ upon the land. Cheers, Mark

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