Hell’s Bells [socs]


These aren’t bells from hell obviously, but I don’t want an ugly pic on my blog, nor one that may be copyrighted. My mom used the phrase “hell’s bells,” and I didn’t realize it became an AC/DC song. Naturally I had to listen… and I liked it! Poking around on Google for this saying was interesting; no one seems to know where it originated, but it’s often followed by “buckets of blood.”

Hell’s bells and buckets of blood, why is it so hard to find the perfect image to use for a blog post?!

For the record, I don’t recall my mom ever using “buckets of blood.” She kept things simple. If I google for a hell’s bells image, I mostly get pics related to the AC/DC song; if I just use bells, I get a billion images of bell peppers. Satanic bells and evil bells didn’t help. I found one great pic of fiery bells, but when I visited the site, the dude was offering graphic design services, so I assume the image was copyrighted.

My mom didn’t swear much otherwise, though she did occasionally say sh!t. She wasn’t opposed to swearing though, and I was never told to clean up my language. My dad would call people bastards, especially politicians, and that was a huge insult at the time, though it means nothing now. Your parents weren’t married? Who cares! Welp, unless the SC decides to criminalize it…

I don’t know why there might be bells in hell, except to taunt the doomed souls. The bell tolls for thee and will toll long past eternity, or something. Would it be more annoying to hear a bell mark the passage of time in hell than to exist in fiery silence?

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  1. I’ve heard hell’s bells before, but never buckets of blood.

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  2. ‘Hell’s Bells’ is the opening track on my favourite AC/DC album, ‘Back In Black.’ It’s a fantastic record, and it horrifies me that it is over 40 years old – feels like yesterday!

    My parents used to use the full version of that phrase, including the blood buckets. We never understood what it meant, just that it was a sign to lay low for a while 😊

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  3. I think hell’s bells is a very evocative phrase. To me it sounds big and scary, announcing doom and utter obliteration, not something you would say when you drop the mayonnaise jar on the floor. That’d be more like, well, f*ck a duck.

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  4. Probably twice in my being around her I heard shit from my mom. I don’t remember the circumstances but she must have been irate!😀

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  5. TURN IT UP!!!lol