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I’m glad that Maggie waited until after April A2Z to ask her musical Throwback Thursday questions, as I was posting an Eagles song daily throughout April (except Sundays) and was a bit burnt out on dealing with more posts on any music-related topic. OK, then… let’s get to it. (If anyone cares, which no one does, I have been experimenting with eliminating apostrophes after words ending in “s,” if the meaning is clear otherwise. I began doing this during my Eagles marathon and I’m happier with how my writing looks. I simply view those “dangling” apostrophes as ugly. Do I care if it is technically incorrect? Hah. Don’t worry, I still know the rules for professional writing.)

1. What music were you exposed to in your family home โ€“ genre, artist, or style.

My parents loved music. My mom loved country music and Johnny Cash especially. My dad loved the Doors, Jefferson Airplane, and the Beatles. They also loved musicals and played the soundtracks from Zorba the Greek, Hair, Swan Lake, etc.

2. Did you enjoy that type of music or did you rebel against it?

I loved all that and still do. I wasn’t rebellious in this sense at all. I never went through an alternate music phase that my parents hated. When I played my Gordon Lightfoot, Neil Diamond, or Supremes records, they also enjoyed my choices.

3. How did you listen to music in your childhood home? Radio? Record player? Television?

All of the above. We watched Lawrence Welk and variety shows that included music. We played records and listened to music on the radio. I don’t recall that my parents danced around while music was playing, but I did. I never learned to dance properly though, but that’s OK, as it gave my daughters another reason to laugh at my dorkiness.

disco music dance

4. Did you buy records, tapes, cassettes, 8-tracks or CDs?

Yes. LOL. Well, maybe not 8-tracks, as I’m not sure what those are, but definitely the other three formats!

5. What performers were you drawn to most as an adolescent?

I loved the same music I love now: Gordon Lightfoot, Neil Diamond, the Beatles, the Rolling Stones, the Supremes, Billy Joel, Johnny Cash, etc. And disco! Then in my later teens and 20s I discovered Fleetwood Mac, Journey (the original with Steve Perry), Van Halen, REO Speedwagon, Led Zep, Def Leppard, the Go-Go’s, etc. I didn’t realize I loved the Eagles until I was in my early 20s!

6. Who did you go to see for your first concert? Who did you go with?

Journey. My college boyfriend took me, and it was a horrible outdoor experience ~ we were too close to the speaker and the music was so loud I couldn’t actually hear it. It was just blasting noise the entire time and I got a giant headache. The next one I went to, a few years later (also with a boyfriend), featured Pat Benatar, indoors, at a normal, nice volume.

7. What concert has been your favorite concert to date?

I don’t know. I haven’t been to that many because they’re way too expensive. Even cover band concerts are out of my budget, mostly. Probably Cash Out (Johnny Cash cover band) was the best one.

8. When do you listen to music? In the car? At work? While studying or doing projects?

Mostly in the car. Sometimes I listen to Spotify at work if I’m doing something routine. But I also rewatch musicals pretty often ~ Chicago, Walk the Line, Grease, Fiddler, Mamma Mia (1 & 2), etc. I’m going to see The Sound of Music live this weekend.

Julie Andrews Sound of Music

9. Did the music you listened to affect your attitudes, way of dress, or view of the world?

That’s a great question! Yes, probably, along with romance novels and rom-coms. I had this dreamy idea of a soul mate who would love me forever and we would exist in bliss with no problems whatsoever (after we resolved whatever main conflict kept us apart, of course, like me being a commoner and him being a Duke, or whatever thing), blah blah blah, and I think I formed that fantasy from the media I was exposed to because it sure as hell didn’t come from my parents or any other real-life marriage I saw.

10. How has your choice of music changed over the years? What is your genre of choice at this phase of your life?

It hasn’t. I still love all the same music I ever did. My genre of choice depends on my mood, but mostly I enjoy soft rock/pop, such as Gordon and Neil and Stevie Nicks, and not so much the Def Leppard side of things unless I’m doing some dorky dancercise stuff.

Bonus Question: What band or group posters did you have hanging in your room? Extra extra bonus points if you can share a copy of it or a link to it.

I had a full-size poster of David Lee Roth on my bedroom door for a while. I can’t find the exact one online, but ugh he is old now. How did that happen?

EXTRA EXTRA BONUS: Care to share a playlist from Spotify?

Sure. Enjoy!

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  1. “the original with Steve Perry.”

    Original, she says. I can’t even.

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  2. I agree with you about the dangling apostrophe; it’s ugly.

    My parents had an 8-track player when I was a kid, but no 8-track tapes, so I’m not sure what the point of that was.

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    • Iโ€™m not sure Iโ€™ve ever seen an 8-track player or tape. I do know that I bought Tom Pettyโ€™s Hard Promises album as a record, cassette, and CD! Seems so crazyโ€ฆ

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  3. Great music choices!

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  4. The Turtles had so many great songs.

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  5. Great post, Paula. Thanks for participating on the heels of a month of music! I did not see many concerts either because of the cost but Imloved the ones I did see. I saved your playlist. Some great songs there!

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  6. I looked for the DLR poster my friend had. With his arms chained above his head against a fence. I found some trivia that the poster was free inside the first 1M pressings of the album Women and Children First๐Ÿ˜ฒ

    He really has NOT aged well๐Ÿ™Š